Friday, February 29, 2008

7 weird things about me

J.D. at J.D's SOAPBOX has tagged me to take part in this meme.

7 weird things about me.

Here Are The Rules
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3. Post 7 weird or random facts about yourself on your blog.
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Here are the 7 weird things about me:

1- I like sushi more then i do cooked fish

2- I never have needed an alarm clock to wake me up at a certain time. I just wake up automatically at the exact time i need to get up.

3- I have been known to wear sunglasses on a cloudy day. Light even dull light hurts my eyes.

4- I like Liver and onions, at times i actually crave the food.

5- I have to eat dinner before 7 pm at night. In fact i could be starving at 6, not eat waiting for the person to show for dinner, and if 7 pm rolls around, i find myself not hungry at all and unable to eat.

6- I can not sleep if someone is touching me. I need my own space.

7- It bothers me when people are picky eaters. In fact it is probably one of my biggest pet peeves.

Now is the time to tag people. I tag anyone who wishes to do this meme. Let me know if you take part in the 'meme' so I can check out your list.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Duskysea Painting

Here is the start of my latest painting. I still want to add a huge wave on the left hand side of the painting,one that ends up splashing over the rocks. I am also planning on adding a water fall in the mountain. The wave is giving me problems. Having to redo the water over and over again, because i can not seem to get it right. I will continue to try. Not giving up. lol

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Just something for fun

Tonight when i needed something to make me smile. This did it...


To be still and know.

Just posting to let others know i am ok. I have needed some time to myself, and time to just sit with God, to rest and allow him to be with me. This song says it all for me.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Interesting test

Was looking around for neat tests to do, and found one.

It would be interesting hearing your results.

I found it instantly.

Find The Man In The Coffee Beans...

Doctors have concluded that if you find the man in the coffee beans in 3 seconds, the right half of your brain is better developed than most people.

If you find the man between 3 seconds and 1 minute, the right half of the brain is developed normally.

If you find the man between 1 minute and 3 minutes, then the right half of your brain is functioning slowly and you need to eat more protein.

If you have not found the man after 3 minutes, the advice is to look for more of this type of exercise to make that part of the brain stronger - And yes, the man is really there!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Things i love....

My friend Tart tagged me, and i must admit this was a fun tag to do. Part of the fun is adding the pictures. I tag anyone who would like to do this tag.

I love my time alone with God

Spending a quiet moment between just God and I , has to be my all time favorite thing to do. Nothing is better then the feeling i have when i connect with God. It centers me, and keeps me real. Doing so also helps keep my sanity and spirits up.

I love spending time with my family

I loved going on vacation with my guys. Last vacation we had was to the blue ridge mountains. My Husband and sons mean the world to me, and i look forward to every moment we have together.

I love spending time with my friends and family

Time with my friends and family are priceless.... Knowing i have a good support group to get me through my days and life has to be one of the best feelings of all.

I love painting

Painting is probably the best therapy one can do. I get lost in my creations when i paint. There is no pain, no heartache, no worries when i sit down to paint one of my creations.

I love playing with my Lily girl

Lily brings me such joy to every day. She always has a way of lightening my heart. No matter what is happening in my world i can count on her bring a smile to my face.

I love Angels....

Angels have always fascinated me for as long as i can remember. I feel i have been blessed with angels looking over me.

I love baking.....

Being able to bake and bring joy to others makes me happy.

Monday, February 4, 2008

In memory of my mother

My mom passed away on this day. Its been 11 years now, and still i feel like it was only yesterday. I hurt. For many reasons. I will never have closure where my mother is concerned, but i know one thing, the older i get the closer i get to understanding her.

She was a lady with many passions, and many health issues, many of which i now have myself. I see my mother in me now. I have many of her qualities. I never thought i would say that. I feel like I am becoming my mother. Lets hope i have a happier ending. :)

My mother was married 4 times. Twice to my father. This song divorce i remember sitting in a car one day and listening to her singing it. She sang it with such passion. I was only about 10 years old, and thought she just liked the song. Now i know she related with it.

Mom I miss you. I love you and hope one day i will have the closer i need. One day when we both are in heaven i am sure i will have it.

Mommy i miss you.

Friday, February 1, 2008

To My husband

I love you sweetheart. Seems i have not shown you a whole lot of love lately because i have been sick. I wanted you to know though that i love you. New beginnings are on the horizon for us. It is why i am posting this song for you. Here is to a new year, a new start.

These times are troubled and these times are good
And they're always gonna be, they rise and they fall
We take 'em all the way that we should
Together you and me forsaking them all
Deep in the night and by the light of day
It always looks the same, true love always does
And here by your side, or a million miles away
Nothin's ever gonna change the way that I feel,
The way it is, is the way that it was

When I said I do, I meant that I will 'til the end of all time
Be faithful and true, devoted to you
That's what I had in mind when I said I do

Well this old world keeps changin', and the world stays the same
For all who came before, and it goes hand and hand
Only you and I can undo all that we became
That makes us so much more, than a woman and a man
And after everything that comes and goes around
Has only passed us by, here alone in our dreams
I know there's a lonely heart in every lost and found
But forever you and I will be the ones
Who found out what forever means

When I said I do, I meant that I will 'til the end of all time
Be faithful and true, devoted to you
That's what I had in mind when I said I do

Truer than true, you know that I'll always be there for you
That's what I had in mind, that's what I had in mind,
When I said I do