Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Wow, it has been forever since i have updated anyone here about how i am.  Life has had it's up and downs.  Health issues are a constant issue, yet as i get older i am finding i am learning to live with the aches of pains of every day life.  When the weather is constantly changing i have more pain,  when the sun is out and no weather pressures are heading my way then i have learned to really enjoy the day pain free and thank God for giving me the pain free day.  My sons have grown and left home.  Living lives of their choice.  I feel such pride when i think of my sons.  They have grown into strong intelligent men.  God fearing men who have a good sense of values and both of them have loving hearts.  What mother would not be proud?    I keep painting,  keep working on staying healthy, and pain free.  My weight goes up and down, however i have learned to accept my weight problems for what they are.  Medical issues..  I have learned to exercise, eat right, and live in a healthy manner.  As long as i am doing those things then if my weight goes up i know it is just how it is.... Nothing on me, but a physical issue beyond my understanding or control.   I have given it to the Lord fully. 

I am posting my latest work, however it is not finished even though i have signed my painting.  I am going to be adding to it in the days to come.

I hope all my blogger friends out there are doing well.  Hugs to you all , and know that my prayers and thoughts are with each and everyone of you.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A new Season in my life

I have not posted here in so long that it is hard to sit and write down ones thoughts again.  I started blogging years ago because my counselor thought it would be a good form of healing for me, and it was.  I used to pour out my soul here, and i found it was not only a comfort, but it was a way for me to sort out feelings.  Blogging soothed my soul.  It also allowed me to not feel so alone.  I was surprised at how many people read my blog, and even more surprised that i was able to connect with others here in blogger.

So why did i stop writing out my feelings and posting?  There were many reason's , but for the most part as i healed emotionally from all the trauma of my past i also lost the need to put my feelings and thoughts out for the world to see.  I became stronger and more confident.  I no longer needed to write.  That is a good thing.

So why am i back?

I am 47 years old now,  live in a place that is out in the middle of no where,  my two sons are now adults, and no longer need my constant attention.   I guess i am feeling a little lost.  My husband has his job that he loves.  He has purpose... Both my sons are starting new journeys in their lives.  They both have purpose.  One is going to Collage, and is enrolled in the ROTC.  His goal is to be in the Air Force and design planes.  The other son just Graduated from High school.  He does not want to go to Collage, but wants to also join the military.   My thoughts are really jumbled regarding that.  Two sons in the Military... I am proud of both,  but the mother in me feels this is so very unfair.  No mother should have to watch both sons go into the military.   However I am also very proud that i raised such confident men.  I am proud that they want to serve,  yet also scared that i will lose one or both of them while they are serving our country.  I am struggling with the fact that they both are now grown up, and no longer need me.

I did my job raising them... i did a good job so this should make me happy.  Right?  I am happy,  yet feeling a little lost also.  My husband has his purpose,  my sons have purpose.   Where does that leave me?  What is my purpose now?  Being a wife and a mother were my goals for so long that now i am struggling with having to set new goals.  I am still a wife and a mother,  but the demands on my time are no longer an issue.   I am no longer needed the way i used to be needed.  Of course they need me,  just not as much now.  This is exciting really.  I now can focus on myself.  Do for me....  This is the season where i can fully concentrate on my needs,  not on others needs right?

I paint a lot.  That keeps me happy for the most part.  However i can not help but wonder if i should be doing something more.  I have thought about going back to school.  This is the perfect time for me to do such.  Years ago i had no clue what classes i should take in collage.  now though that i know i love painting, I can take classes in the hopes of getting a fine arts degree.  My goal then would be to teach art.  I know i would love being a teacher.  Teaching others how to pour out their soul onto a canvas would be very cool.

Another option for me is to just paint.  I can paint for hours and hours on end now, and not worry about being interrupted.  My goal would then be to paint enough works to be able to display them in a Gallery somewhere.  This thought is very appealing to me.  It also allows me to stay at home if i am having a pain day.  My health issues are still there.  They have not disappeared.  They have improved some, but i do have days where i am in pain, or unable to think clearly because of fibro fog.   Health issues are a whole other blog post.   For now i just need to figure out which road i want to go down.  I need to figure out which path is the best path for me to take?

 So there it is.  I am back.  I need to be able to sort out feelings regarding this new phase in my life.  I no longer need to heal emotionally, i am so much stronger now.  So blogging will now be an outlet to help me figure out this new phase in my life.

More to come...

Blessings to anyone that might be reading these words.

Friday, May 25, 2012

A day of blessings

Today has been a very big day for me and my family. My youngest son Benjamin has graduated from High School. My baby is no longer a baby.... so sad.. yet i am so very proud! Both my babies are now graduates. Both are men.. Wow the time went fast. I have been so very blessed with both my sons. Thank you God for allowing me to raise such fine men.
Here is my latest painting. I am still working on it, I feel the ground needs more detail, but i am thrilled with how this painting is turning out. I think it reflects the mood i have been in the last few days. I am so happy! I am feeling so very blessed. Well that is it for today. I shall be back! Blessings!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

City Romance Painting

It has been a very long time since I have last posted. I became overwhelmed with Blogger truthfully. I started to instead post all my works on my facebook page, or on my painting website especially set up for displaying all my latest works. I have missed blogging though , and missed my blogger friends, so i think i might just start writing what is happening in my life and posting my latest works again. For tonight i am going to just post a painting, and maybe tomorrow I will take the time to write about my thoughts and feelings, and also try and catch up with all my blogger friends. Is there anyone out there that still looks for a posting from me? Maybe i have waited to long, and everyone has given up on me? This painting that i am posting is called City Romance. I am doing an entire series on this very topic. I love exploring emotions using parks and lighting. In this painting i wanted to express a first kiss. I wanted to express how engrossed a couple can become while in love that they do not even realize that it has stopped raining. I hope you all enjoy. Blessings Tracy Jo

Friday, May 13, 2011

Amazing Grace Painting

Here is my latest work. I am calling it "Amazing Grace".
I felt so many feelings while painting this. My spirit was filled with pure Joy, knowing how very blessed I am. This painting represents spring... Music playing and the body swaying in time to a special song.
I hope you enjoy this latest work. All comments are always welcome. :)