Wednesday, October 7, 2009

For those who are interested in what i am now painting

Click on the picture to get a better look.
(The painting looks brighter in person. I am having trouble taking a good picture with out light shining on the painting in spots, and dulling the colors.)

Here is my latest work. I still have to add color for the pelican and to the post it is sitting on. I will probably also add a couple of small pelicans flying in the background. I am also hoping to add more depth to the clouds in the sky. This painting is in oils, and I loveeeeee using oil paints! Only problem is, I have to be so patient while layers of paint dry before i can move on to the next stage.

I am so impatient. When i was painting using acrylic paints they spoiled me with how fast your work dries. I often could do an entire painting in one day if i chose to. LOL However I love the texture of oils, and I love how vibrant the painting looks when it is done.

I will be sure to share the finished painting with you all here in blog land. I am thinking of calling this painting "Joyful Moments" The colors feel so light and airy and well happy to me!

I probably will start a new painting while this one is drying. I have several in mind. I need to start a snowy one again so i can maybe put the pic on my Christmas cards. I also want to paint something with mist as a focal point. Another painting would be simply of water and reflections. I need to learn how to paint calm waters. :)

Fibro has been a problem for me lately, today I have no voice due to fibro, and I hurt all over. I have wanted to spend less time online lately and more time working on my art or just disappearing in a good book. I am also getting the urge to start cooking or baking again. Nothing like the smell of home cooked bread, or something with vanilla in it to make ones home smell good. It also is a comfort I think. Very homey to smell fresh baked goods.

I am sorry I have not kept up on all your blogs.
I think I am feeling guilty not reading everyone's blog during my fibro months. I once again have thought about shutting my blog down. Therefor taking away my guilt.

I think though posting my art will be a good thing. I am just not sure.

Anyway part of fibro problems is depression, so maybe I am depressed because of the constant pain. I hate to shut down my blog because I am depressed, then regret it later on when I am feeling better.

To those who are my blogger friends, know that I care, and I am so sorry that i have not visited your blogs in some time. I will try and make my rounds to your blogs as soon as i am feeling better.

Blessings my friends.