Saturday, June 30, 2007

Another Tag, and some words from my heart

I have been tagged by JIP from

The tag appears rather simple, yet it is not really. One is to write 5 things they dig about Jesus, which most who read my blog would say whats so hard about that Mysti? You love Jesus, your blog revolves around Jesus, why in the world would you have trouble doing this? It is a good question. Naming five things seems hard for me because we are talking about a part of my soul. A part that just is.

This topic is such a close subject to my heart. Jesus is a part of who I am.

My faith in Jesus seems to always have been there. From a very small girl I remember feeling his presence. It was just a knowing deep in my soul that Jesus was always with me. I would actually talk with him when no one was looking. As a young girl I would look at the reflection in a window, or mirror and talk to Jesus, telling him my fears and dreams. I never expected to hear a voice talk back to me out loud, but I would hear his voice in my mind. I would hear answers to my questions, or feel comfort to my fears.

If not for my deep down faith in Jesus I would not be alive now. There have been times in my life when I have not wanted to live and this feeling and presence of Jesus has always kept me from harming myself. Knowing that he was with me, and no matter how bad I felt or how bad the situation was he would guide me through it kept and keeps me alive.

I do not believe in Jesus because of what is written in the bible, nor because some one told me he died for my sins therefore making me saved. I do not believe in Jesus because people have guided me to him or because I went to church. My deep down faith in him is because I "feel" him with me. A genuine knowing deep in my soul that he is real.

He has always just been with me.

Years later when I was guided to church, and then heard about the wonderful sacrifice he made for all people, I thought YES. He is real. I then read about the sacrifice he made for me. I read how no matter how awful a person one was, they were forgiven if they repented and asked him into their life. I never felt a need to ask him into my life, because he was already with me. I felt blessed, and confused, because I wondered why he was always just with me? I later accepted he just was. Maybe he has been with me from the start because I have always needed his protection, love and him guiding me. Maybe I pulled him to my life because I have always felt afraid? Afraid that I can not make it in this world with out him? Which is very true. I still feel that way. If Jesus left my life I would then be so totally lost and afraid.

So what are the 5 things I dig about Jesus?

1. He gives me total and complete love. No matter how awful I feel he is with me.

2. He died for my sins. An act of love so great it brings tears to my eyes.

3. I am never alone as long as Jesus is with me.

4. He completes my life.

5. Everyone can have him in their life. He is not only with me, he is with everyone who asks him into their souls.

Now I am to pick five people to do this.

1. Wight Wing Wadical

2. Adventures of a Jungle Tart

3. Misty from "Thoughts, Emotion and Balance - Can We Have It All?"

4. TrinityStar

5. Krystina

5 things we dig about Jesus.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fun test

Your Brain is Blue

Of all the brain types, yours is the most mellow.
You tend to be in a meditative state most of the time. You don't try to think away your troubles.
Your thoughts are realistic, fresh, and honest. You truly see things as how they are.

You tend to spend a lot of time thinking about your friends, your surroundings, and your life.

Got this from my blogger friend Dr.Debs site. I had fun taking the test. Pretty accurate as always. :)


Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers day to all the many dads out there!

This Post is dedicated to my own father.

Today I am remembering some of the wonderful things about my dad.

I grew up with a father who was the fun dad on the street. All my friends called him dad. They all would come into our house and see my father and say HI Dad, and give him a huge hug.

He was the dad that always took my friends and I where ever we needed to go. My father had a soft spot in his heart for his girls. Many times we would ask for money and he would give us the last dime out of his pocket. ( he still will do this.)

As a child I grew up with all the Johnny Cash songs. To this day when my brothers and sisters hear his songs we all smile and think of our father. My father I am sure related to these songs because he himself was and is a bit of a rebel. Laughing. While growing up he loved telling us stories of all his close escapes with something, or someone or another. My father has always lived fully. He is a man of many passions, and a man loved by many, including his children.

This morning while looking for the perfect song to play for him my own husband started laughing. I asked him why? He said because you are soooooo happy right now. You are really enjoying yourself. I was singing and dancing and clapping my hands. My heart got light while listening to all of Johnny's songs. I must have been just as happy and doing the same thing as a child while with my father. All of Johnny Cash's songs bring a huge smile to my face. Not because I love Johnny Cash so much but because I think of my father!

I had a hard time trying to decide which song to post. All of them are mostly about Prison and hard times. Laughs. Most of them are truly about being a rebel. In Cash's later years he discovered Jesus. I am not posting any of those songs because this is about my memories of my dad. Growing up the songs were not about Jesus but was all about the rebel in Johnny Cash. :)

I love you Dad! Hope this day and this song brings you much joy and happiness.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

To my sweet friends.

To my friends Michel and Caline. I had already shared this with you. I wanted to leave you a forever reminder though. Times might be tough my friends right now, but they always pass. Just stay patient, and please know you both are never alone. Love to you both!

You both know who you are! Hugs my friends.



Thursday, June 14, 2007

Today's thoughts from Mysti

Todays thoughts

I am much better truthfully. I get my feelings hurt yes. I tend to get ticked off when my words are taken wrong, and I totally take everything to heart. Once I calm down though I forgive and forget in most cases.

I however will not forgive over and over again if someone is messing with me.

I give my thoughts and share who I am with others freely. I in most cases talk straight from the heart. Some say this is crazy. Why trust and why show ones soul? I think why not? How many people have missed out on love, friendship and happiness because they closed off their souls?

I give, share, and love freely. I always have. It is who I am.

I am old enough to know that this will never change.

It is okay.

People like me because of who I am.

Those that love me would not want me to change.

I tend to speak from the heart. To do anything else would not be me.

I am not perfect, and I never claimed to be.

I make mistakes like everyone else.

I however give deeply, feel deeply, and love deeply.

To do anything else in life would be a waste.

These thoughts might seem to simple to some. Some will say because of who I am I make myself vulnerable, and deserve the pain when someone plays games with me, or mess with me.

Some will say Mysti you are a fool.

I think one is only a fool when they miss out on life.


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Just one more day in mysti's life

Some thoughts.

Ever feel like no matter how good your intentions are, your motives are taken wrong?

Ever feel like when you are your most honest , others see you as being dishonest?

Ever feel like no matter how hard you try in life nothing you do is good enough?

Ever feel like you should just shut up because everything that comes out of your mouth is wrong?

Ever feel like giving up?

Ever feel like it is time to say stop!

This is how I feel today.


Do not worry, I will most likely be back tomorrow to try again.

Never truly giving up.............Just today I am.

On a side note: Why do I care what others think?

Why does it matter so much?

Why in the world can I not tell others to leave me the freak alone?

Maybe something is wrong with me, because I care to much.