Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Wow, it has been forever since i have updated anyone here about how i am.  Life has had it's up and downs.  Health issues are a constant issue, yet as i get older i am finding i am learning to live with the aches of pains of every day life.  When the weather is constantly changing i have more pain,  when the sun is out and no weather pressures are heading my way then i have learned to really enjoy the day pain free and thank God for giving me the pain free day.  My sons have grown and left home.  Living lives of their choice.  I feel such pride when i think of my sons.  They have grown into strong intelligent men.  God fearing men who have a good sense of values and both of them have loving hearts.  What mother would not be proud?    I keep painting,  keep working on staying healthy, and pain free.  My weight goes up and down, however i have learned to accept my weight problems for what they are.  Medical issues..  I have learned to exercise, eat right, and live in a healthy manner.  As long as i am doing those things then if my weight goes up i know it is just how it is.... Nothing on me, but a physical issue beyond my understanding or control.   I have given it to the Lord fully. 

I am posting my latest work, however it is not finished even though i have signed my painting.  I am going to be adding to it in the days to come.

I hope all my blogger friends out there are doing well.  Hugs to you all , and know that my prayers and thoughts are with each and everyone of you.