Monday, June 28, 2010

Sisters of the heart

I know I showed the paintings down below.. I thought I should show them side by side.

They will frame my great room doorway leading into my Kitchen. First painting was called Lady dreamer, the second painting is called Soul twin. It is same painting yet both are distinctly different. I painted them intentionally to be similar, yet feelings felt when looking at them are not the same. :) i hope you like them.

Soul Sisters

I could not let lady dreamer not have a twin to her painting. Being a twin myself, it just did not feel right. So this painting I am calling Soul Sister. This painting represents the twin to the first. I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Latest Painting "Lady Dreamer 2"

Lady dreamer 2

I started out painting this expecting the lady to be dancing... Sometimes though a painting takes on a life all its own. The soul behind the paint brush takes over and expresses itself onto the canvas.

With all that i am dealing with lately I feel that this painting shows myself in deep thought and prayer. It is an expression of my soul.