Monday, July 14, 2008

Awake In Rochester tagged me with this meme - It's all about ME!

I am:A child of God, A wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, but most importantly I am a lady who believes in herself now.

I think: Of all the different paintings i might create.

I know: Where I am headed in life, and like the path i am on.

I have: Many blessings in my life.

I wish: I could take all the pain away from those i love and care about.

I hate: When people think they know me, but know me not....

I miss:My Mother who passed away over 10 years ago, my family in California, and friends who do not live near me.

I fear: And I should not fear. Fear only holds one back in life.

I hear: Birds singing outside my door.

I smell: Coffee brewing.

I crave: God's Love, and Creating art.

I search: For new techniques in painting.

I wonder: If I am doing what i should be doing in the eyes of the Lord.

I regret: Wasting time in arguing with others. Life is way to short.

I love: Life, and the people in my life.

I ache: To many days... Grrrr darned Fibromyalgia.....

I am not: One to hold a grudge. (for very long at least) lol

I believe: In God and In Myself.

I dance: At the beach when no one is around.

I sing: Quietly, because I can not hold a tune....

I cry: For all who are in constant turmoil in life.

I fight:
through my pain each and every day.

I win: I already won... I have the Lord in my life, my family who i love deeply, wonderful friends who fill my day with joy and I know who i am.. I have healed from a painful past... in my book that is winning.

I lose: Nothing by trying.

I never: Say Never, when i do it always comes to pass...

I always: Try and be the best woman i can be.

I confuse: To many people i am afraid...

I listen: So i can learn.

I can usually be found: Reading or painting.

I am scared: of hurting others feelings.

I need: The Lord in my life. With out him, life becomes meaningless....

I am happy about: Being a mother. My sons are healthy, smart, and kind hearted. That makes me happy.

I imagine: Myself with all those i love and care about seeing Gods face one day.

I would like to tag...


This was fun to do. I hope you enjoy sharing about your wants, needs, and ideas.


Tamara (TC) Staples said...

What a great meme! I already really liked you and appreciated you but now that I know more about you I am even more impressed by the beautiful person you are.


Hopefulsl said...

Hey Sis!
This is pretty cool.....
But you need to tell me how to
do this????
Gotta run now, have to work 12:00pm
till 3:00pm today. Catch up with
you later.
HUGS,HUGS and MORE HUGS sent your way. Love Stacy Brat

'Tart said...

You did a beautiful job on this meme, I think it is very difficult to do. I don't know how I will do it either, in terms of answering but I will try.:)

You are such a beautiful lovely lady. I hope your paintings are turning out how you like and you are having good days!

Hopefulsl said...

I think i know how to do this???
But i will have to do this later.
Love ya.....
Stacy Brat-xoxo

Hopefulsl said...

P.S) What a blond i am.(((ha,ha,ha)))
I will do this soon o.k....
Bear Hugs Sent To You,
Love Sis

Awake In Rochester said...

Thanks for playing. ;o)