Monday, June 28, 2010

Sisters of the heart

I know I showed the paintings down below.. I thought I should show them side by side.

They will frame my great room doorway leading into my Kitchen. First painting was called Lady dreamer, the second painting is called Soul twin. It is same painting yet both are distinctly different. I painted them intentionally to be similar, yet feelings felt when looking at them are not the same. :) i hope you like them.


S'onnie said...

These pictures are great, they remind me of my twin and I. we are similar but both very diferent too. :)

'Tart said...

They are beautiful paintings, Tracy. I haven't been in blogland in a while and wanted to drop by and see you. I pray that you are doing well and have much joy in your endeavors these days. You are a very gifted painter and a person with a wonderful soul and it shows.