Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"Cowboy Dreams" Painting

Spoke with my art teacher who looked at this painting and said it was good, but gave me a few pointers to improve it. I took his advice and am very glad i did! The painting now has more depth, and the cowboy looks more like a man instead of a boy. I made the hat smaller, put more detail and depth into the shirt he is wearing, added a chin, and refined the hair a little. I also added a little more detail to the grout in the shadow on the bricks.

Cowboy Dreams. While working on this painting my passion for the west came forth. I love everything about the west, from the gorgeous sunsets, to the Mountains, to the hard working men and women who work the land. This painting challenged me to put down on canvas what my minds eye saw. I struggled with the hands, and t...he face and neck even more.... The cowboy ended up with a large hat covering the face! :) All comments are welcome..... Does the cowboy feel like it came from a dream? I hope everyone enjoys this painting as much as i enjoyed working on it.
The painting is a gallery wrapped painting. 24 inches x 34 inches tall.
All comments are welcome and valued. :P