Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"Emotions Unleashed" Painting

"Emotions Unleashed" Painting
Here is a picture of my latest work finished. This painting is another soul painting. My goal was to put the power of some emotions one feels onto canvas. Sometimes the soul explodes with passion, and some very powerful emotions.
I hope you enjoy my latest work.
*All comments are welcome.


Denise said...

Hello girl....... As usual your current painting is beautiful.. How are you doing? This summer has been a tough one and I am so glad that this year is going away...... I hope to reconnect to everyone over the next few weeks.....

Have a great Christmas

Tracy said...

Hi There Denise. Long time no see. Thank you for your comment, it is truly appreciated. I am doing well. Keeping busy. I am so sorry for your losses this year. Know you have been in my thoughts and my prayers. Hugs.
Merry Christmas!

Wanda's Wings said...

Can really feel the emotions of the painting. Hope all is well. ((((HUGS))))