Sunday, January 28, 2007

Dancing mood

I am still around. I have just been very busy with my new puppy Lily, painting, and a few other things. This busy time will pass soon! I promise to catch up with everyone soon.

I am in a dancing mood today. This brought to mind my favorite dancing show called dancing with the stars. This was one of my favorite dances. I can hardly wait for the new season to begin.



Anonymous said...

I love that show too! Hmmm, I am latin but I wish I could dance like Sheryl. I cant move like that LMAO.

'Tart said...

Wow! I didn't watch the show when it was on and I didn't know why Emitt won, but now I see how very deserved that was! The judges are right, he looked effortless and you just don't expect it from a big football player guy like that! Did you upload this, or find it on YouTube? Just wondering.
Your Tart :)