Friday, December 21, 2007

A Moment in time. I am ok with this moment.

I know this is not a song i normally post on my blog. I am posting it though for a friend who is having a hard time this Christmas. I want to show her I have had similar problems this year.

I have been playing this song over and over.

It is not a polite song, but it is who i am deep down right now.(do not tell me i am not please) I am human. "Very human". I have my ups and downs like anyone else, and sometimes that shows in a not so nice way.

I am angry for some reason at times this year. I have this energy that wants to break free. The anger shows.

It is ok.

I accept I am not perfect. I accept that I am human.

I also accept Jesus in my heart.

If this song offends you, ok....... I understand.

I am still playing it. Be warned, do not listen if you offend easy.


'Tart said...

Oh Mysti, you did good.

You know, we've talked about where your blog should go, if it's 'worth it' for you to be really personal.

I just think this is the best one yet.

It is always a service to others when a kind, shy person lets out that 'Yup, I've got an inner Bitch!' And you are so right its okay - because we all have one.

You spend a lot of time honing and being close to softer, sweeter sides. For yourself, your children and your family.

Thank you, Sweetie. I started to cry. For you and for me.
Most Sincerely,

'Tart said...

Oh! Please tell me sometime how you find stuff on YouTube.

How cool!

Rauf said...

Merry Christmas Mysti
wish you all the joy and health in the world

Raine said...

Oh thank you for putting that up. I love that song but couldnt think who sang it. Now I can find it!!!