Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Duskysea Painting

Here is the start of my latest painting. I still want to add a huge wave on the left hand side of the painting,one that ends up splashing over the rocks. I am also planning on adding a water fall in the mountain. The wave is giving me problems. Having to redo the water over and over again, because i can not seem to get it right. I will continue to try. Not giving up. lol


Mike Golch said...

you say that the water is not right? I think that it loks real good to me.
I just came to visit because you were tagged by J.D. on his site.the play along.I got tagged as well not by J.D.but someone else and I enjoyed doing it.Hope the you are haveing a great day,

Poetryman said...

the heart rises with sun over still and peaceful waters.

Be thou blessed.

MYSTI said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog Mike and Poetryman. :)

The painting needs so much more, but that is coming from someone who is always criticizing my own work. lol

wolfbaby said...

wow the painting is amazing, can't wait to see the finished product!!

MYSTI said...

Thanks Wolfbaby! I have been working on the waves, i will be posting it soon.