Monday, February 4, 2008

In memory of my mother

My mom passed away on this day. Its been 11 years now, and still i feel like it was only yesterday. I hurt. For many reasons. I will never have closure where my mother is concerned, but i know one thing, the older i get the closer i get to understanding her.

She was a lady with many passions, and many health issues, many of which i now have myself. I see my mother in me now. I have many of her qualities. I never thought i would say that. I feel like I am becoming my mother. Lets hope i have a happier ending. :)

My mother was married 4 times. Twice to my father. This song divorce i remember sitting in a car one day and listening to her singing it. She sang it with such passion. I was only about 10 years old, and thought she just liked the song. Now i know she related with it.

Mom I miss you. I love you and hope one day i will have the closer i need. One day when we both are in heaven i am sure i will have it.

Mommy i miss you.


Deb said...

Thinking of you, Mysti....sending hugs.

wolfbaby said...

many hugs mysti

'Tart said...

I was thinking of you, Mysti, and came by to say hello. I can relate to this as tomorrow would have been my father's birthday, and he died exactly one month later, last year. So it's fresh and I can understand that it always will be, much like your Mom's. The distance from occurance doesn't seem to make a difference, and I'm sorry for the loss(es) that you feel concerning this.

I know a lot of people don't understand or relate to this one, but tomorrow is the 3 year anniversary of when I had to put to sleep my most beloved pet. I actually cry now and at other odd times. I don't handle death well. Yes, he was a cat, but such a sensitive understanding friend. A special soul. I hope I can just keep this on your comments and try not to say more.

I have written a meme, if you want to look.

Most of all, big hugs and blessings to you at this time for you Mysti. Like I said, I can understand the sadness and other feelings and I wish you well. I am thinking and praying for you.:)

Ben Tobias said...

Dear Mysti,

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