Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Luminous Night Painting

I know all of you did not want me to change up this painting at all.

However the picture i posted last was not the full true image. Half the painting was dark and not showing right due to my bad picture taking! It is hard to show the correct painting via my phone cam. LOL I am so sorry, but i did know that the painting did not look finished.

The top half of the painting was perfect! However because of the amount of darkness on the lower half of my painting, it did look incomplete when viewing it in person. I have tried to keep the integrity of simplicity in this piece. I tried to not add to much so as not to take the impact of the original sky away. As you can see i did add a few more trees to add depth and interest to the painting. I also added a lake at the bottom of my painting. I kept the lake dark, with just a touch of light showing the night sky through out the lake. I think i accomplished a gorgeous painting!

This painting has a lot of meaning for me. It represents my teen years, as well as makes me long for home where my sisters and father still live. I wanted to express the feeling i had when i was only 16 and looking up at the night sky and feeling so very close with God. The moon in the painting reminds me of nights when the moon was so very huge and bright that if i reached up i could feel like i could touch it. It is a painting full of love, beauty and memory.

Thank you everyone for all your wonderful input. I value all your thoughts, ideas, and took all your advice to heart. I kept it simple! :) I hope you all enjoy and still love the painting as much as you did before.

Hugs and blessings sent your way!


Hopefulsl said...

O.K i have to admit that i was wrong to say that the painting was perfect the way it is!!!!! WOW & WOW, i would not ever have thought that this painting could look more beautiful than it was.......Now i see what you were saying that it was missing something, and here i was saying no way, don't change a thing, it is perfect the way it is.....From now on i will never tell you to leave it the way it is, if you say that your painting is missing something then you know what you are talking about :) I will just have to say that i can't wait for the finish touch!!! :)
Way to go sis, i truly love this one a lot. And i know that i will be getting this painting as well, like will soon i hope....You keep out doing yourself. Love It, Love It, Love It :) I am sure everybody else is going to agree with me on this painting too.....CHEERS.....
((((HUGS)))) & ((((HUGS))))
Love Ya Lots,

'Tart said...

Dear Tracy,
I think its so cool how you use painting to remember good things that happened in your life. You are able to savor life's moments and remember them AND have the gift of visually 'letting them out' of you. It really is a gift.

This painting is beautiful. I have loved the 'orb' of the moon and the sky since I first saw it and it looks very nice now with a lake at the bottom.:)

I have never tried painting from my inner light, as you obviously do, and you wow me and so many others with your talent.

Each painting gets better and better, and you have so much creativity inside that it's exciting to imagine the future. Kudos to you again, my friend.

Hopefulsl said...

Hi Aunt Tracy!
This is your nephew just wanted to tell you that i love this painting.
And you are a bad ass painter!
You are going to be rich soon.
I love you and miss you. BYE!

Tracy said...

Thank you sis! Glad you liked it! This painting means a lot to me because of the memories.

Tart awww ty so much for the wonderful comment, I am glad you think my work is so meaningful. Hugssssss

Hi my Nephew!
Wow hun so glad to hear from you! I feel honored you like my work!! Maybe someday I will get rich, until then i am thrilled my family and friends love my work!!! LOve you lots my nephew!!! Miss you to. Hugssssss

Mike Golch said...

the painting loogs great to me. I hope that you are having a great day.

Awake In Rochester said...

You've been tagged! This one is fast, and easy. ;o)

Tamara said...


The painting is so beautiful. I LOVE the moon. I also really love the way you have a story behind each of your paintings. That makes them even more special.

Great work!


Denise said...

You are just good.....I have looked at them both and they are both wonderful......... and you are the artist and it says something about you......... Thanks for sharing the meaning of this ........

Be blessed

'Tart said...

Dear Tracy,
Just letting you know that I am thinking of you as you go through this time of lead detox. It's so hard on you and you are taking it, like a true Champion. I know that you have not felt so well, and I just wanted to let you know that I am always thinking of you. Love you, Sweetie.

Tracy said...

Thank you everyone for the comments. I havent been feeling that well lately so i have been lacking in responding. I do appreciate all comments though.

Tart ty. Ty for being such a wonderful caring friend. You always know how to make me feel loved! You are right i just haven't felt that well, and have had a hard time dealing with the detox. Thank heavens i am now finishing up on the major part of the detox! Now hopefully i can get back to my ole self! :)

Hugs and blessings.

Mary said...

Tracy, you are sooo good at what you do with your paintings, and I just LOVE this one so much, it is so real and speaks to you..take care my friend..Mary

wolfbaby said...

OMG i can't believe i missed this painting it is so awesome!