Sunday, September 14, 2008

Prayer request

My twin Stacy is on her way to the Hospital with major pains in her right side. We are not sure what is wrong , but felt it should be checked out to make certain it is nothing serious. Please keep her in your prayers that it is nothing at all serious.

Thank you.


'Tart said...

Dear Tracy,
Something told me to come by this 'a.m.'. Please let Stacy know that I'm praying for her and thinking of her. God bless. I hope she feels better soon.

Tracy said...

Thank you Tart. She is home now. The doctors are not sure what was wrong. I am just thankful she is home and safe, although it is frustrating for her not knowing what is wrong, and still in pain! Hugsss, talk with you soon my friend.

Tamara said...


I was gone this weekend and just saw this. I am glad she is home but it sounds like she still isn't okay? They don't have any explanation for the pain? She is in my thoughts and prayers.


Hopefulsl said...

Hey sis,
Thanks for doing this for me :)
I do have a Dr. appt. this Thursday at 9:30 am.....He may send me to have different testings. I hope anyway, i would rather know what is wrong than not knowing. Don't we all, LOL....
Hugs to you!

jumpinginpuddles said...

tracy can you please connect with me on bezco@h*tm* its jumpinginpuddles

Mike Golch said...

Tracy, your Sister is in my prayers.Sorry that I could not post your comments that you left me. Ike took out our power on sunday and I jut got it back a little bit ago.

Mary said...

Tracy, All my prayers are with Stacy and Hopefully they will get to the bottom of what is wrong..take care..Mary