Wednesday, January 21, 2009

First stage of a new painting

This is stage one of a painting i am working on. I am exploring light, and putting down my passions on canvas. I am not sure exactly where i am heading with this painting. I know the bottom of this painting looks like water, but that wont look like water when i am done.

Today i just sat and painted. This is what emerged. I want to be able to just paint from the soul. I am hoping that emotions will be released. I know that i try to do that with every painting i do, so i guess i am still exploring allowing my emotions to show.

hmmmmmm lets see what happens when i sit down to it next.

As always i love to get your first impressions. I asked my eldest son, and well he said mom, i really am not good at seeing emotions on canvas. He just sees light, and color. lol



Hi! I'm Grace said...

Hmm, I can imagine, it will be a fantastic painting. I hope to see that here soon. :)

Wanda's Wings said...

I feel a real calmness when looking at the beginning of your painting. What were you feeling?