Monday, January 12, 2009

Starting the year with exericising using Wii-Fit

I am finally using my wii-fit, and I love it! Up until this week i have only used wii-sports. I have enjoyed every minute of the wii-sports, and think it a wonderful way to get yourself moving while having fun at the same time. I find though that if i use both the sports and the fit together I will get an overall better work out.

This is my second day using wii-fit, and already i see some results. It is great for warming up, learning how to stretch correctly and for improving ones balance and helping one to breath correctly. With the wii-fit it tracks your progress, calculates how much you need to lose, and helps you come up with a fitness program that is right for you. It lets you know when you are not working out right, and keeps you totally focused on moving just right. It also keeps track of how many minutes you are working out. I find myself really enjoying wii-fit!

In the second picture i have posted here, I learned a lot while doing this specific exercise. First off never do this exercise when you have a Maltese around! I kept trying to do the tummy tuck while my lily girl thought i was on the floor to play with her! I laughed so hard that my stomach hurt! She was all over my face licking me , and keep jumping all over me, hugging and kissing me... to the point i had no choice but to stop, move her to another room, and rush back to do these difficult exercises... lol I have to admit having her play while i was on the ground lifted my mood right up! (Although the program was chastising me for not keeping my hips tucked under) laughing! The program knows when you are not doing the exercise right or at all!

I do not think I have ever been chastised by a computer It does keep you focused though and motivates you to keep moving, which is a wonderful thing.

My mood has been so lifted after working out with wii, that i have been able to accomplish other things right away.

If you have never seen or heard of wii-fit, you should check it out! Especially if you have trouble keeping motivated of focused while trying to lose weight and keep in shape.. I love it!

I hope you all have a blessed day!

Thought of the day :In God, there is peace that is greater than the turmoil caused by our dieting!

Bible Quote of the day :
Philippians 4:7
And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.


Mary said...

That's great Tracy, My daughter has one and also started using it in the New Year, she has lost 7lbs already. I know you will do great keep it up..hugsss take care.Mary

Mike Golch said...

Good for you Kiddo.I like the changes you made to your site as well. Hugs my friend.

LadyBanana said...

I just cannot make up my mind to get one or not.. I am afraid it might be a 5 minute wonder..a very expensive one at that!

Hope said...

They are rare around theses parts, being sold as fast as they hit the stores... I'm looking for one though, I've heard good things abouut them.
I've rejoined my gym for now... Keep us posted,
hugs, hope

Wanda's Wings said...

Sounds great.Sounds like your new year is off to a great start.

Denise said...

I just cannot stay with any exercise program....... that is why I swim.. I love the water and I will do that every day....... BUT good for you and you stay with it....... we all need to move our buns more....... I need to move my buns more than most... My buns are the extra fluffy ones........!!!!!hhahhaha

have a blessed Tuesday

'Tart said...

Dear Tracy,
Yaaay!! How exciting!! You got it up and running and now you love it!! I can't wait to get the Fit part of it now!

I'm calling you today. Have a blessed day, my Friend.

Mike Golch said...

Tracy,thank you for your message of support that you left me.Hugs.the site is great,thanks for sharing you pic as well.your friend mike g. said that.

Mike Golch said...

Tracy,I have some "goodies" for you on my site.

Tamara (TC) said...

We bought ourselves a Wii Fit for Christmas and I am just learning how to use it. So many people rave about it so I am excited!