Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Spring has arrived

Life has been crazy insane for me of late. We are finally at the exciting part of building in my opinion. Choosing out the paints, the floors, Lighting, kitchen stuff as well as bathroom stuff. JIP Pictures are soon coming! I can not wait to show everyone. Yayyyyyy

I have started making tiles for the kitchen back splash! Talk about fun! I think I have a new hobby.... laughs. Love it! After the back splash tiles are done, I get to learn to put them in place. Yes I am going to help tile the kitchen and bathrooms. We shall see how I do.

Two days ago my brand new computer broke! (insert crying here) Yep my computer just just stopped working. So hubby has had to figure out what was wrong. Turns out something is wrong with the hardware. He is trying to fix it. Hopefully I will have it back soon.

I am coming out of my depression. I figured out why I was depressed. I had ptsd (post traumatic stress disorder) regarding a rough time in my past. The time I was brainwashed. It finally dawned on me and my Counselor that January through Easter is the whole time I was brainwashed, and badly emotionally wounded. Even though I was not focusing on that time in my life, my subconscious was. According to my counselor it is rather normal. I am just so glad spring is here. Yayyyy.

A lost a few friends during my depression. Guess they are not really friends, if they could not wait it out with me. I am moving forward, and I figure it is about time to start enjoying life again! I have lots of positive in my life. Lots of good. I am excited about my new home. (we move in at the end of June) Yayyyyyy. I am thrilled with all the beauty of spring. Fresh flowers, warmth in the air, rebirth, and the feeling of love are all things I am going to enjoy.

Thank heavens for spring!!!!

Here is a poem that really hit home with me.

Blessings from heaven.

In all of your circumstances,

Look for God’s blessing.

Look for His joy

And His love everlasting.

Seek out God’s goodness

In a world of tears and sorrow.

Seek out His hope

In the dawn of tomorrow.

Let His peace fill your heart,

Let His hand and word guide you.

Know that you are never alone

For He always walks beside you.

Let His love be your strength,

His trustworthiness your shield.

Be courageous as He goes before you,

His victory to yield.

Walk forward in faith,

Let the Lord work His ways.

His unfailing love is with you

For all of your days.


Dr. Deb said...

They are NOT really friends if they cannot understand that you need space or time to heal away from them. I wish you continued healing as you move through things. Sounds to me like you have a good therapist :)

wolfbaby said...

I am so very happy things are looking up for you!! Congrats on the house ayay how very exciting can't wait to see pics;)

Wadical said...

I have a certain time of year that causes my heart to hurt and it too has a direct connection to something terrible but long ago. I spend alot of time with God during those times. Over the years I've found that the pain draws me nearer to him and I know that I know he will comfort me. I come away recharged. Its to the point now that even though I know the pain will come, I do not fear it any longer. My God is with me. Glad to hear you're doing better. Focus on him and your next step will always land on solid ground. Don't ever doubt that.

Mustafa ┼×enalp said...

I like your site very much. Thanks for your interest. Have a good day

keepers said...

glad you and your counselor figured it out. those buried memories that are at a subconcious level are so important they be unearthed. Then the revelations come and voila, things make sense, or at least more sense.

so happy for you and we too are happy spring is here!!!


Raine said...

I'm happy to hear you are coming out of it. ((((Mysti))))

krystyna said...

Hi Mystic!
I'm soo happy reading your inspiring, optimistic and full of faith of God post. My last days were little hard and reading your words, I am uplifted now. Thanks!
Thanks for this great poem Blessings from heaven.
Thanks heavens for spring!
Thanks heaven for You!

QUASAR9 said...

Hi Mysti,
The Magic of Spring
Hope the Easter season is kind to you