Sunday, October 21, 2007

Latest Paintings I am working on

Angel Thoughts

A few of you have expressed interest in my latest paintings. I hope you enjoy!

Painting 1 : Name Angel thoughts

This is the first stage of this painting. First layer in the background. I had an image in my mind, and was just trying to lay it out. I was focusing on movement, and shapes. The painting should draw you in, and make one feel like they are looking at a special secret. Click on the pictures and you will see a larger image enabling you to view it much closer.

Angel thoughts

Second stage in my painting of Angel thoughts.

Here i am adding more colors, and depth to the painting. I was also focusing on keeping the movement in the painting, and mystery.

When starting this painting, I saw an image of an angel that was tired, and feeling very exposed to everyone. Needing to hide, but only finding one place of solace. She sits deep in thought against a cross, or tree? :) She rests for awhile, in hopes that she gets her strength back. Deep in thought and prayer she rests. I really wanted a person when viewing this to feel like they are witnessing something that was not meant to be seen. :) I am not sure if I am accomplishing this, but I certainly am trying.

Mural Painting stage one.

This is the first phase in my mural painting. I am still thinking of a name. This mural is on the wall in my dinning room. I will be working on the second phase today i am hoping. You can see the outline of an egret that I am going to add to the mural. An egret is a bird here in our area. I love how they look. They have long legs, and are gorgeous to watch when in flight. As you see it is set at night. The moon will be a burnt red orange color. During our summers we actually see red moons. It is always something magical in my mind when the moon appears red. I will be adding a cypress tree along one side of the painting, and it will almost hug the mural. Marsh grass will also be added. :)

Let me know what you think so far of both of the paintings! I am always interested in comments and thoughts regarding my work.


Raine said...

I keep seeing "fairy" instead of angel. But I happen to think fairies are very cool so......I like it very much. Its just that I see fairy, not angel

wolfbaby said...


Im sorry but i was with raine, i saw fairy *blush* but, i like raine, love fairys!!! I think it is beatiful and will appeal to people. I love the movement of the painting and the roll of colors.

I also like the mural. that is neat the way you did that.

I can't wait to see how they both turn out!!!

Thank you so much for sharing they are really amazing!!


MYSTI said...

Thank you for your comments Raine and wolf. They are deeply appreciated. The reason you see a fairy instead of angel is because i made the wings fairy like, more wispy and with color.:) I did this for a reason. When I see an angel in my mind , angels are full of color. Very beautiful. Our society has made angels only white, and fairies have the color, but they also have longer ears, fingers and toes. My angel here i just added the color of fairy wings. :)) I am glad you both like the painting.