Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Second phase in my mural painting

Here is the second phase for my wall mural. I added the red moon, plus some red highlights to the clouds, and water. When you add one color to a painting one should also add it somewhere else in the painting. It helps the eye see the whole painting. I decided to add a reflection to the water with the red color.

I also added an egret to the painting. The next stage is to add marsh grass as well as a tree alongside the outer part of the painting. I am hoping the tree will almost be a frame for the painting. :)

**Remember to click on the picture to see a larger view.**

Please feel free to give me your thoughts regarding my latest work. It is a way for me to grow and improve my art! I value each response. In the past all your comments have helped me view my own work through others eyes!

I will continue to show my progress!



wolfbaby said...

I love the additions and can't wait to see more;)

jumpinginpuddles said...

oh wow

'Tart said...

That is really coming along. I can't believe you're putting it directly to the wall - that takes canashes!:) I know you'll love it when its done because you are creating it, and that's the important part.

'Tart said...

I meant that in the nicest way!

I'm sorry if I sound 'off,' I'm sick and am just barely hangin' on.

Your paintings are lovely, and so is your creative spirit.:)

keepers said...

we love both of these paintings very much. watching them evolve is very cool also.

peace and blessings


Dr. Deb said...

Lovely. You have been one of a handful of painters who have inspired me to learn how to paint. It's my new goal now.

Rising Rainbow said...