Sunday, October 14, 2007

Why does this song have such a hold on me? No other song during my life has touched me as deeply or fully as this one. I love spiritual music,In fact several spiritual songs touch me deeply, yet it is this one, (not a spiritual song)Drift away that keeps me enthralled.

I know why, I think. I relate with it in a way that touches not only my soul, but my past life. I so want to drift away at times. Pretend all in my past can just float away, or slowly fades away. I also feel a sense of needing to go home. :)

I am not dwelling on my past, but it is who I am as a whole. Funny thing about this song, is when I was with all my brothers , sisters, nieces, nephews, and father, they to were touched by the song. It holds a connection for my family i think. The words of the song. We all relate to it, no matter the age or gender of my family. We all knew the words, and we all sang loudly and danced when we heard this song. We all connected, and peace overcame my family.
Maybe it is because we all get confused by our actions, but we all look for the light? We all move forward no matter the pain, or junk in our lives.

We all want the pain to be taken away, and to all drift away.
WE all are touched and soothed through music.

I believe in my family.

Love, Family, music and truth........



Jade said...

Music can definitely hold power. Both positive and negative. Hope you're family is able to harness all the good it has to offer.

wolfbaby said...

it is nice when something touches an entire family like that and makes everyone feel at home..

'Tart said...

As you know, I love this one too. I am always so glad when they play it on the radio.

I listened to it here just now, and if I were analyzing it, I would say that some the good qualities about it are: it is a song of acceptance, it confidently states or gives the feelings that yes, there is stress in the world but that by trusting in sound, music of both this song itself and whoever has inspired it, you feel sure that it can all be taken away. It's like floating on an inner tube in a place where you don't even have to stress or wonder constantly where you are going.
That is cool that it is universally liked by your family. I'm glad to know that lot's of people like it.:)

jumpinginpuddles said...

lena on me makes us cry every time

Raine said...

oh I love this song too. Sorry bout my last comment if it got thru. I meant that sometimes I used tend to wallow in music. Sometimes it is healing for me and sometimes it is otherwise. I think is awesome that this is a family thing for you. My kids tell me their happiest memories are of singing in the car together.