Sunday, March 9, 2008

Storm on the Horizon Painting Part one

This is my newest painting i am working on. The sky will have lightening bolts. There are actually some in the right hand corner now. They are very faint though. The sea itself is done all by using a knife. I thought i would try out a new technique when doing the sea this time.

The colors are lighter then what i usually use. I am liking how it looks though. Normally my colors are so very dark. I will show the painting as it progresses.



Deb said...

BEautiful. I immediately loved the color and texture.

I just signed up for my first painting course. It will begin in May. I'm so excited!

MYSTI said...

Awww ty deb! I am so excited for you about your painting class! You are going to love it! I am sure of it. :)

keepers said...

we are looking forward to watching your artwork develop, watching another artist can be very helpful in our own works.

thank you for sharing


MYSTI said...

Hi Keepers :) yvw. I to enjoy watching others art develop. So many different skills can be learned!