Saturday, July 5, 2008

The votes for the top 5 paintings are In......and the winnerssssssss areeeeeee


RAY OF HOPE Number 2



REAL MAGIC tied for number 5

FREEDOM tied for number 5

The votes are in!

Heavens Gateway is the number one painting that most people voted on. The others were close in running though. There is even a tie for the number five spot.

Thank you everyone for your votes. It gave me a real understanding and appreciation for what people like and do not like regarding my work. Although most of you said you like all my work! :)

I had some surprises truthfully when looking at the votes. I had no clue Spiritual energy was so liked, or for that matter Masked lady! I thought those two paintings were a little to abstract or surreal looking for people. Apparently I was wrong in thinking that.

This has been a wonderful experience for me in that now I think it will allow me to allow my spirit to soar even more when I paint. Abstract or not! I have a harder time in painting in an abstract way, mainly because I am afraid people will laugh or think it is to strange. Clearly though that is not the case!

When I painted Spiritual energy, I thought a pink tree! I struggled with it, and actually tried painting over it with white, then had to step back and say no pink was right. (Truthfully it was my instructors idea to go pink.) I thought PINK! I rebelled in painting that color right away... and thought Huhhhhh???? He said trust me , it will give you the feeling you are looking for. ( My instructor and I talk about all my work, and the effects, impact, or feelings i am trying to express. He knew I wanted to paint the energy I was feeling deep in my soul. He was right in that pink was spot on! It did give me the tree life, and energy.

Masked lady was also a stretch in creativity for me. I was unsure where I was going with it. I intentionally was painting in an abstract form, but was struggling in the process. A friend of mine asked me to paint a mask./ She said just feel, and let the feelings and art come out. Paint.... Just paint from the soul. It is so hard to just let go and let what ever comes from the soul to be seen on canvas. At first I was painting only swirls. I felt so many emotions that day, and the swirls represented that emotion. Mixed emotions..... all competing with one another, yet swirling and combining as one. I feel so many people in life hide behind masks. I wanted to express all that was behind the mask in the swirling emotions. So many times people are hiding more then what people see. One emotion might emerge for a person to see, yet at the same time there is another emotion right on the surface starting to emerge. That is the reason for the eye in the top corner of the painting. The end result was a bit scary for me. It showed so many things, and I was not entirely sure I accomplished my goal. I am told I did.

I have to share something with you all. My youngest son was upset with me when I listed the paintings. He personally has two favorites of my work. They are Lady dreamer and Fallen Angel. The reason he was upset, is because those two paintings have a poem that goes with them. Those paintings were dreams of mine. I woke after the dreams wrote what I was feeling and seeing in my dream down on paper. I then wrote a poem, where I then painted on canvas the poem.... The lady in lady dreamer is actually me. The fallen angels is a representative of myself and my sisters. We all fall at times, we also all have needed to be picked up after those falls.

My son felt the paintings were not displayed in the right manner. He felt I should have stated and listed the poems with those two paintings. He thinks that makes a huge difference when viewing the painting. It adds extra meaning to each painting, therefore making them better then most of my work. Laughing... So on Monday I will list those paintings and the poems that go with them. :) You all can decide if he is right or not. I would post them now but I have to get to my drawing class! Laughing

I hope all of you are having a wonderful weekend.



'Tart said...

Dear Tracy,
You are right! Everyone of your paintings is beautiful - they come from your lovely soul!:)

Well, the tallies are in! I'm glad you have found the five.:) I look forward to your poems about the other two. I'm so proud of you for following through on all of this. It really is so neat and wonderful!

I hope you enjoy your class!:) Ttys! Love,

Hopefulsl said...

Hey sis!
I'm real happy with the choices you picked. I think they will do very well. I too look forward to the poems to your other paintings. Just tell your son when your business takes off, you will be able to have all your paintings on line. You can tell him that i said that it won't be long for that to happen. And tell him not to feel sad, cause my son also liked those paintings too!!! Said with a smile....
Love Stacy

Tracy said...

Tart you are so sweet! Ty for believing in me and my art. :) I thought you saw Lady dreamer before. I will post it on monday, I have to find my poems! Hugssssss and love ya!

Tracy said...

Sis i am so glad you approve of the Paintings I have decided on, haha well everyone has decided on. I can hardly wait to get my site up! Give that nephew of mine a huge hug, and tell him I love him! Sending hugs and kisses to your family from mine! Love ya lots!


Anonymous said...

Tracy,these are some great painting I would be honored to have,especially the covered bridge painiting that I saw.

In case you are interested I posted two links on the wordpress site and on the blogger site as well.pertaining to the canals. The first link has to do with the Miami and Erie canal and the second on is a link for a bunch of different canals. Big time Hugs and god's Love and Blessings headed your way! That's my story and by golly I'm sticking to it.

Denise said...

That is a wonderful list...... and they are all wonderful..It is interesting to see what came in first....... You keep growing in the Lord and keep your heart open to the Spirit and there is no telling what He will lead you to.. The gift that He gave you when you were still in your mothers womb will come forth and in that talent His spirit will live large........


Unknown said...

Way to Go. those paintings are beautiful as are all of yur paintings. You are going to go far, you have such a talent, you go girl....Mary

Tracy said...

Mike I am glad you like the choices. :) Great about your new info, I shall be over to check it out soon! Hubby and I are off today to go and meet up with our eldest son to spend the day together. :) Hugs and many blessings sent your way!

Denise, I agree with you. It made me happy to see what the number one painting was.:)
I agree with you, I have been praying that God will release my full talent. I have a feeling that once it is all released some interesting paintings will emerge. God willing it will happen soon. Hugs Denise!

Mary I am glad you are happy with the results of the vote! Thank you for your support and encouragement!

Wanda's Wings said...

All very good picks!

Sonnie-Dee said...

Your paintings are amazing. I am going to have to save so I can buy one and have it shipped to nz :)

Tamara (TC) Staples said...

How exciting that the votes are all in! I, too, think all of your paintings are beautiful.

It really struck me as really wonderful the way your son takes that much interest in your paintings and would want to be sure they are displayed with their full meaning evident. He sounds like a very special guy!

Take care,

Tracy said...

Wanda I am happy you approve! Hugs

Sonnie, I am so very excited about this new venture of mine. I am glad you are excited for me to!

Tamera :) He is very special. All my guys love my work, and i think they are as passionate about what i paint as I am! Hugssssss I just posted the painting and poem of lady dreamer!

Anonymous said...

all of your art is beautiful so no matter which 5 you chose you could not go wrong.

peace and blessings


Tracy said...

Thank you keepers! Hugs and blessings!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Those were all yours??? Wow. Great job. I especially love the number 2 with the trees. Very realistic. And thanks again for stopping by my blog. :)

Mrs. Kitty

Tracy said...

Hi Kitty,

Welcome to my blog!

Yes all these paintings are my creations. :) I am in the process of making some limited edition prints are these six paintings. I hope to have a website up selling my art with in the next few weeks.

I hope you have a wonderful night.