Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hi Everyone.

((***Took down the voting box on the side bar since it is not working. Please leave your votes in comment box even if you are not a blogger user. You can comment by checking anonymous. Please do leave your name though at the end of your comment so i know who you are! hugs.)

I need help here.

I am starting out with selling a limited number of prints on my new website. In order for it to be cost effective for me I will only be starting out with prints from five paintings. I would like your help in picking out which five paintings I should start out with. I am showing you your choices, and if you can vote on the side bar listed at the right hand top of my page I would greatly appreciate it. You can choose your favorites and vote on them.

I am posting all the paintings I am considering with this post. Under each painting is the name of that painting. So please feel free to look and then vote. My son took the pictures. These paintings are pretty true to colors of my original works. He did a wonderful job!

Later I am going to add other things and items to the site, but this will be a good start for me.

I just discovered that the voting deal on the side bar is not working right now. So if you can just write your favorites in the comments I would greatly appreciate it!

Please vote on your favorites!!!!


















Hopefulsl said...

Hey Sis!
Can you guess which ones i picked?
Lets see how close you were.
1-Heaven Gateway
2-Summer Nights
3-Spiritual Energy
5-Candle Light
Of course i like them all,but i think
these ones will sell well. And the
Candle Light picture for the Holidays!! I can't wait to see what everybody else picks.
Good luck! And lots of love to you.

Tracy said...

Hey sis, Yep I thought though you might have chosen ray of hope also. :)

Glad you posted here, since voting does not seem to work.


Hopefulsl said...

I do like ray of hope,but you said we
could pick only 5. So i had to choose
between candle light or ray of hope.
As you see i picked candle light for holiday reasons!!!!
If you said 6, then i would have ray of hope also. (GIGGLE,GIGGLE)....
Gotta run now, talk to you soon.
By the way, Appointment tomorrow at 9:00am for my son. 3hrs. long, then at 3:00pm his counsiling appt. Going to be along day. Wish me luck! HUGS & KISSES SENT YOUR WAY!! Love Stacy Brat....

Mary said...

Ok here are my votes:

Ray of Hope
Real Magic
Marked Lady
Fallen angel

I love all of them...good luck on your new blog, ill be their...Mary

'Tart said...

Ok, Tracy, here are my picks, probably in opposite order of your posting - hee hee:):
Candlelight - 'cause Christmas sells!
Lady Dreamer - I just think this one is marketable. I had not seen it before, but that is something I would put in my house!
Ray of Hope is a definite. I think it means many things to so many, and it's very positive.
Heaven's Gateway - this one is just a definite. It's one your newest and best work.
And finally,
Dusty Sea - I can see people looking at that and wanting it in their home, or even at work. It looks like a fine quality painting and many people have a thing for seascapes.
There you have it, my five picks.:)
Love ya,

Tamara said...

My vote is:

Spiritual Energy
Heaven's Gateway
Moon Dance
Candle Light

Best of luck to you. This is so exciting!


Wanda's Wings said...

REAL MAGIC SPIRITUAL ENERGY CANDLE LIGHT HEAVENS GATEWAY SUMMER NIGHTS It was so hard to choose only five. you do such good work.

Hopefulsl said...

so far they are thinking like me!!!
Tamara off by one,Tart off by two,
Wanda off by one, and Mary off by
Three. I feel like i have a bet going
This is fun. Lots of love,

Tracy said...

Hey all, thank you for commenting! I am going to continue to leave this post up for several days so everyone has a chance to vote. I so appreciate all your votes! Thank you for doing this for me. :)

Stacy It is exciting! Laughs, i enjoy seeing what others vote on to, and trying to see if they agree with the same paintings as i think should be up. LOL you are doing much better then me! I had no clue the candle would be voted most on! haha, that was an afterthought for me in putting it up. I did so thinking.. well i like it, i actually hang it in my house, so who knows maybe someone else will to! Laughs! Never shown it before on my blog, and wow! Who knew????

Hugssssssss to everyone. I am off to spend the day with my husband! Wooohoooo.

Bill Webb said...

Tracy Jo:
here is my list
ray of hope
real magic
masked lady

may peace and the light of His love shine down upon you and your loved ones

-- Bill (some guy you used to know as Nikk)

Anonymous said...

Here is my list:
1. Ray of hope
2.Dusky sea
3. Summer nights
4. heavens gateway
5. Lady dreamer

Love Mika.

Clueless said...

Ray of Hope
Summer Nights

Jo said...

Gosh Tracy.... Not an easy choice, but my favorites are :
1: Ray of Hope
2: Real Magic
3: Candle Light
4: Skewed Flowers
5: Spiritual Energy

Deb said...

These are lovely. My favorite is Heaven's Gateway. It looks, soft, lofty, light, open, welcoming...

Mike Golch said...

Tracy,unfortunaly all of the choise are to good for me to choose only a couple. Gotta run.Im still tired out from this weekend. it is almost 11 pm and i think I'll stop trying to playcatch up,with my blog reader back up and go to bed.

Tracy said...

Thank you for all the input everyone! I truly appreciate it. Hopefully some time next week I will have a good idea of which paintings to take off to the printers shop.



Hopefulsl said...

This vote is from my son!!!!
1-heaven gateway
2-mountain sunset
3-fallen angel
4-masked lady
5-eagle freedom

I thought you would like to see what his favorite ones were. Next my husband ok.
Lots of love Stacy Brat.....

Mimi said...

I really like them all but here are my top 5
1. Heavens Gateway
2. Mountain Sunset
3. Ray of Hope
4. Summer nights
5. Lady dreamer

of course if you listed them all I think you would find different people are drawn to different things..
good luck,

Tracy said...

Grinning wide at my nephew, Ty very much in sharing your opinion and giving your votes! Love you lots!

Mimi Ty for the votes! I agree with you , I think everyone has there own opinion. Some day I do plan on printing them all out if it all goes well. :)

Blessings and hugs!

Denise said...

Real Magic.... it is peaceful!

Ray Of Hope.... The light of the Lord shines through

Spiritual Energy ...... We become transparent before the Lord.... Our lives are hidden in Him.. and our strength comes from Him..

Hey girl,,,,,,,, I have been slow getting around this week.. have a safe 4th ....

Hopefulsl said...

My husbands vote!
1-mountain sunset
3-spiritual energy
4-heaven gateway
5-eagle freedom
He really had a hard time deciding between spiritual energy or ray of hope. I hope all of these votes help you? I guess you will be marking each picture as a point.(????)
Talk at you tomorrow, LOTS OF HUGS YOU!! Love Stacy

Katt said...

Heavens Gates (my fav)
Candle light

I actually love them all.
You are so very talented
Good Luck

God Bless

ronilee1963 said...

This is my first time to your blog. I found it by searching for something on google. I am so glad and blessed! I love your paintings they are truly remarkeable!
My votes are
1. Heavens Gateway
2. Lady Dreamer
3. Mountain Sunset
4. Dusky Sea
5. Fallen Angel

I will definitely be coming back in and seeing how you are doing.
God Bless!

Tracy said...

Hi Denise, ty for your votes! I hope you have a wonderful Forth of July weekend. Hugsss

Sis, tell your hubby I appreciate his votes! I am marking them all down. So far five paintings are what seems to be the ones! ( Heavens Gateway, Ray of Hope, Spiritual Energy, Real Magic, and Summer Nights.) Although Freedom, and Candle light or close behind. Then mountain sunset, and Masked lady. Lol. All really close. We shall see.......Hugggssss and love sent your way sis to you and yours.

Katt, thank you for your votes! Hugs sent your way.

Ronilee Welcome to my blog! I am glad you stopped by and shared your votes. Grins. I am happy you have enjoyed reading and seeing my blog. Blessings!

Anonymous said...

These are my favorite!
heaven gateway,spiritual energy,
freedom, ray of hope,and candle light. Good luck with your print
shop!! They are all so beautiful.

jumpinginpuddles said...

love masked lady

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi Tracy,

Wow, your very talented! I'm so glad that you will be selling your lovely paintings. I would be very interested in seeing that website. Keep please us informed. ;o) I just wish I had more money.

I vote for...

Spiritual Energy
Mountain Sunset
Marsh Summer Nights
Ray of Hope

I also really liked Candle light, but it's a bit Christmas like. I'm not sure if it would sell good in summer.