Friday, August 22, 2008

Above painting done by my niece who is 11 years old.

Above painting done by my nephew who is 8 years old

My in-laws left Tuesday afternoon, and all is slowly getting back to normal. They said they had a wonderful visit. We took them to see the local sites, and even took them on a small hour and a half boat cruise. Both my niece and nephew wanted to learn to paint, so i spent one evening and morning letting them paint the paintings above. What you see on their canvas's I am proud to say is all them. :) I have a rule I live by when i teach others to paint, if you are the artist only you are allowed to touch the canvas. I showed them how to paint on paper and they practiced then put it up on canvas. :) I think they did an awesome job. I was rather impressed myself at how well they did!

We all had a wonderful time while my in laws were here. It was great seeing them.

After my in-laws left i have been busy doing typical clean up stuff after one has visitors. Yesterday i spent the day at the printers. I now have summer nights in print! Yayyyy. While my son and i were in the city we did some school supply shopping as well as a few other errands. It was a busy day, but a good one all in all.

Truth be told I am totally exhausted. Between setting up this new website, running back and forth to the printers, entertaining company, and getting my sons ready to go back to school, I have worn myself out.

Yesterday I had my own small little break down. You know the feeling where you cry and cant stop crying, and you are not even sure why you are crying? That was me, last night.

Today i woke to find that I hurt all over, I am emotionally tired as well as physically tired. I feel like my energy is all used up.

I wish i could say i could rest now, but I still have two weeks to go where I need to get things done. I have prints to make, problems from my website to fix, drawing class to go to, Cleansing streams to host in my home on Mondays, two high school orientations to go to, and I need to continue to get my sons ready to go back to school. One goes back on Monday, the other the following week.

I need to keep the pace going for two more weeks. Then i think i am going to declare personal Tracy time. All i want to do is lock myself in my studio and do nothing but create art and sit quietly with God. Or better yet I would love to lock myself in the master bedroom, indulge in doing nothing but curling up and reading a book and sleep for several days.....

I am not sure how moms take on full time jobs while raising a family. (which in my opinion taking care of a home and family is a full time all in itself.) To all you working moms out there...... "I take my hat off to you, and look at you in complete awe"~! I admire every single one of you! It is amazing that it is done by mothers all over the world every single day.


Hopefulsl said...

Well i do believe thats why God made women to have children! He knew that women had more patients then men do.
Even if women didn't have children, we still seem to hold the fort together....Even though as us being mothers and we get worn out at times,we still seem to keep on going.
Tired or not, we just do it!!!! I too applaud all of the mothers and single women out there. And as for you my poor sister, i hope you will survive the next couple of weeks?
I too have had those days where i just cry and cry. I start to cry about one thing and before i know it i am crying about everything. It can be about something that could have happen many years even. Crazy i know, but as you have told me once and not to long ago, that it is good to cry for our souls!!!
Other than that, i am very proud of you sis, and you should be patting yourself on the back for everything that you have accomplished!!!!
You are so right about the paintings, they are wonderful and i too would be proud of the work that they created on their own. WOW.....
What a great teacher you are. I guess its time for me to say good bye now. I love you very much and miss you lots.(((((HUGS))))) and lots of them sent to you>>>>>>
Love,Stacy-Brat xoxoxoxo

Tracy said...

Thank you sis! Things will calm down in a few weeks then i can rest. Tonight i go to my sons orientation at his school. Tomorrow i go to drawing class, and hubby and i are trying to get my studio done. :) love ya, and hope all is good in your world!


Mimi said...

your niece and nephew did a great job with their are a very good teacher...
I'll pray for you to get through the next two weeks so you can then have some Tracy time!!!!!!!!