Sunday, August 3, 2008

An Update on whats happening in Tracy land.

Things have been pretty slow trying to get my online print business up and running. I am however learning why prints are so very expensive! I have been trying to get just one good print done of my painting Heavens gateway. I did get a good print of the painting, but the colors were not "my" colors I had painted. I am not sure if i should be insulted or laugh because when i got the prints home my husband and one of my good friends took a look at the print and said they love it! The colors are more vivid then the real life painting. They said they personally like the brighter colors in the print over the original painting. laughing! I had to think hard about whether to sell the prints or keep trying for the original colors. I do not think i can live with myself if I sold a print that wasn't as true to the original as possible. I guess it is a pride thing. A pride in my own work, and well honestly the print just wasn't my work... make sense? I do realize that I probably will not get an exact match, but i want the prints to be pretty darned close to the originals.

So back to the printer I went. They then informed me of a process where they take the painting themselves scan it, and make a proof from that. Since most of my paintings are larger then their scanner it would be done in sections in what they call splicing.. They then do the proof from the spliced together scan they made. They assure me that I will be so happy with the end result! They say the prints will be 99.9% exact to the original piece of art. The catch is that it is an expensive process! I decided the process and cost would be worth it. So on Monday i go and look at the proofs from this process. We shall see if they are true to their word and looks closer to my original painting.

I know that this is all taking time, but in the end I believe that being patient and waiting for the prints to be to my liking will be more then worth the time cost and energy i am putting into this business.

In the meantime I am going to keep busy painting, and working on my website ideas.

In other areas of my life, hubby and I are taking another class. We are actually hosting the class in our home. :) This is a class I already took called Cleansing Streams. It had such an impact in my life, I was praying my husband would take the class also. My prayer was answered!

Having the class hosted in our house is a huge growth step for me. I tend to not like to be around large groups of people, and I tend to stress if people come to my house and it is not perfect. This class is 10 weeks long. So every Monday I will have large groups of people coming to my home! I need to work on not becoming stressed about my house being 100 percent perfect every week. With my fibro, I am sure I will have weeks when i just can not keep up with all the demands of keeping a perfect home.

Add the fact that not only will people be in my home but half of the people coming are men, I am hoping I keep my nerves under control. I know most of you do not realize this, but I shake when i am around men I do not know. Sometimes I even shake around men i do know! I have major panic attacks, and most times end up having to leave the situation and go home. Since I wont be able to do this, because the place that is my safety zone is where everyone will be, I need to come up with a plan to deal with these panic attacks. I am not sure how I am going to do this, but I am sure that this is all a God thing. Another way God is trying to heal me, so I guess I just need to trust God and give my panic and fear over to God.

Last but not least, I have now taken 6 classes in this so called drawing class i signed up for. I call it such because there has been a total of one day that WE actually did any drawing in the class! The very first day we learned how to draw a flower. All of the other classes we have used markers! No joking! Not only that but no real instruction has been given. We have been told just to use the markers to make abstract work and color it in! I feel like i am five years old playing! I am so frustrated, i feel like the whole class was a waste of my time energy and money! If not for the fact my two girlfriends I am taking the class with are having a ball i would stop going! I go because they love using markers and making pretty pictures , and are having a blast. I have no interest in doing that at all! I signed up for a drawing class, i expected to learn drawing techniques, and at least draw with pencils or charcoal!

I guess I am going to have do what I have always done when i want to learn how do so something, and teach myself! I did that with baking, and cooking. I did that with my painting, and with learning how to knit, I guess I will have to do this with drawing. Shakes my head! :) Markers!!!! hmmmmmmm, shaking my head again and rolling my eyes while laughing..... guess i should just laugh and chalk it all up as a learning experience.

That is what is happening in my world, what is happening in yours?

Hugs and blessings sent to all my friends out in blogger land!


Mimi said...

I will pray for you as you begin this class in your home...
I know that God will help you through it...and you will be much stronger after it is complete...
God knows you needed help with your panic attacks..

Wanda's Wings said...

Sounds like you are really keeping busy. I didn't realize it was so hard to get prints made from paintings.Good luck on the class at your house. Lots of (((Hugs)))

'Tart said...

Hi Tracy,
I am glad you are taking your time with your painting business, the same time you take to make the paintings in the first place! I agree with you, it is worth the wait, and kudos to you for your patience concerning making the prints!:)

I will pray for you and your days as 'house hostess' to so many. I think you are right, once again, to trust that the Lord is leading you about this class, it has everything to do with Him.

It doesn't hurt though to have a plan in place somehow (you could take time outs with your Hubby as needed or call me even) because the Lord helps those who helps themselves, as you well know.:)

You Don't have to be perfect, not even as a hostess. You can shake and be you if that is what happens. Maybe the Lord wants you to learn to not put so much pressure on yourself, I don't know. You are beautiful and wonderful the way you are.:):):)
Love & Sincerely,

Hopefulsl said...

1) You will be o.k when everybody comes to your house. Maybe you should take my advise,(HEE,HEE,HA,HA)....
2) About the drawing class, i too feel the same way as you do. MARKERS!
Are they joking? Looks like you will have to teach yourself sis..(SMILES).
3) Now about your prints, i really hope when you pick them up today that they will be just what you have been waiting for.((PLEASE GOD!!!)).Sorry you have to go through this....
I love you very much sis.....
Hugs & Hugs sent your way>>>>>
Love,Stacy Brat

Tracy said...

Mimi Thank you! I appreciate the prayers and the well wishes.

Hugs Wanda and ty!

Tart I might take you up on that offer if needed! Thank you my friend. Hugs.

Stacy haha i couldn't do it! I had to make it all perfect, which is just how i am. lol, Hugs you and talk with you soon sis!

Mike Golch said...

Just stopped ove after reading you Sister's Stacys blog. you are in my prayers.Hugs and God's blessings.-Mike G. said that!(It's an A.A.thing)

keepers said...

we have been through the trying to get matches of our artwork, we could not find really true replicas except at one place because they had a huge scanner but they went out of business and the scanner is no longer around, (sigh). we understand your frustration and wish you the best in this search for that perfect, or near perfect print.