Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Feeling Motivated

(Picture taken by my husband outside on our deck.)

I started working out with a personal trainer yesterday. I will be working with her three times a week on top of the exercise program I already am doing with Water Aerobics.

I am rather excited truth be told, and rather exhausted! She really pushed me to go above and beyond what I normally would do if I was working on my own. I think the work outs will be tough, but in a good way. I am feeling very motivated of late to get myself into shape. I am tired of always being sick, and very tired of my health issues holding me down. This personal trainer is also a physical therapist. She has worked with a lot of women who have medical problems. She understands my medical issues, and is sure she can work with me and get me back into shape!
For me this is exciting news. I have been sick way to long, and I have missed out on to many beautiful days.

The next few months I am hoping to not only get in shape, but also work on a new painting idea that I have been thinking on for some time.

The painting will be all about a single wave spread out on the canvas. I love the ocean, and love the colors of the sea. I am hoping to create a painting that will make one feel like they are part of the wave when looking at it. I want ones soul to soar and feel not only complete freedom a wave has in movement, and expression, but also feel exuberant,and fully alive. I want one to feel ready to take on what ever might be in ones path and future. I want the person to feel as if they are inside the wave, and moving with it. Make sense?

I will be showing my work in stages like I have done in the past here on my blog. (First stage will be shone soon.) I hope you enjoy following my progress as I embark on this new experience.


Mike Golch said...

great posting.I hope the trainer will be a big help.Hugs.

'Tart said...

I am excited for you! I am glad that you have found a trainer to help you.

Looking forward to seeing your painting.:)

Just Be Real said...

Tracy, sounds like a good "hard" working plan, both in physical and then pleasure with your painting. We are here to cheer you on dear one! Blessings!

Dean Corso said...

Great idea! I hope while you're painting it first become a part of, unstoppable full of life!
God Bless ya