Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Getting back on track

Just a quick update on whats happening in my life.

It has been a long time in coming. Lots of healing, years actually, but i finally have been trying to get myself centered, and back on track to where I was before a lot of trauma took place in my life several years back.

I have been spending my days working on my health both physically and spiritually. I have been working out every day. Three of those days I work out two hours with a physical trainer. She is doing her job! I am soooo sore. In a good way of course, but oh wow..... there are days I can barely move. lol

Spiritually speaking I have been spending time with God in prayer, and just walking or sitting with him, allowing him to be my friend. I think so many of us forget that God is the best friend we can have!

This song is where my soul is right now. Needing to be close with God.

I hope everyone is doing well. Soon I will try to update everyone on how things are going in my life.


Mike Golch said...

Great Video,thanks for sharing it.

Just Be Real said...

There you are!

So glad to read your post Tracy. So glad also that you are moving straight ahead with your journey both physically and spiritually. We can go together in getting closer to God. Those two go hand in hand. You are certainly in my prayers dear one.... blessings and (((Tracy))))

'Tart said...

You are an inspiration to help me get over my own traumas. I'm glad you are getting help to physically move more - that is so great!! I hope to talk to you soon.