Sunday, September 13, 2009

9/12 Tea party in Washington D.C

My husband and I were privileged to participate in the tea party on Sept.12th in Washington D.C.

It was such a wonderful experience. The crowd was huge. (the numbers are still unclear, but i personally think it was almost one Million people!)

Everyone at this march was so peaceful and were so calm. Not once did we see any violence. Instead we saw mainstream America, all of whom were concerned about what is happening in Congress and wanting the President and the congress members to hear what all of what we have to say.

The media represents these people, (me included) as Domestic Terrorists. Since when is it terrorism for the people of America to have a voice and have a separate opinion from congress?

These people (mainstream America) are not crazy, they are not mobs, and are not out to hurt anyone. As you can see in the pictures, these people are every day people that you pass in the street each and every day. These people were polite, helpful, and all very friendly. Not one person i met in this march wanted trouble. They just wanted to make a statement. A strong statement. In fact people from all over the states came to participate in this march. There were Americans from Alaska, Hawaii, California, middle America, all the way to people here in the East Coast. People drove for hours, and days to make this statement. That is how concerned we all are. People from both parties were at this tea party. This was not about being a democrat or a republican. This was not about race, or about hatred. This was about being an American. This was about real people who are very concerned about what is going on in our government.

They are all just concerned Americans (myself included) who want congress to take a serious look at all the bills they are passing with out regard to what we all think.

WE want Congress to read the health bill fully. Not just assume what is in it is alright. We want the congress to think instead of just hurry bills through as fast as they can. We want them to slow down and really understand what is in that health bill reform!

Did you know that no one in the congress will be using the health care reform themselves? Did you know that the reform is not good enough for their families? I think if any one in the congress signs yes for this reform, they should be on the plan themselves.

How is it that what is good enough for mainstream America is not good enough for Congress or their families? Why is it that these people in Congress feel they know best????? That main stream America are dumb as sheep,that they know better then us? Why does this congress and the President consider anyone who disagrees with them and their ideas are domestic terrorists? I for one take great offense as being called a domestic terrorist! I am a concerned mother of two teen sons and am a loving wife who wants what is best for my family! I think i am smart enough to think for myself.

I know I am smart enough to see that if someone who is supposed to be representing me and my family, not wanting to use this health care plan for themselves or think that this health care plan is not good enough for their family, that it is not good enough for me or my family either!

This March on Washington was about morals, It was about smart people who wants what is best for themselves and their families, and it is about concerned Americans knowing when they are being blindsided by Washington!


Wanda's Wings said...

Do you think it will have an impact?

Tracy said...

Wanda i hope so. Unfortunately the main stream media is not reporting it in the news like they should. Most often if it is, they find the one person how is nuts and report how nuts we all are. How we are racists, and terrorists. It is sad when ABC, NBC, CBS and the newspapers such as New York times all are so biased! They are not giving real facts to the people watching. Most times people have no idea what is happening in this country! Czars, are not reported about. The fact that this health care package most of the congress have not even read! They say the reform is to big to read, yet they are voting on it to pass???? They have no clue what is written in it???? What is that, and if they can not read the bill, then they should not be representing this country! Not only do the main news networks do a disservice to this country in reporting only selected news geared toward Obama, but they are dividing this country! It is the news that is the problem in this country. If everyone had full information to make informed decisions this country would be better off. Instead the news are blinded with stars in their eyes for Obama. And if anyone says boo, or disagrees what Obama is saying then they are bad people????? This country needs to stand up, speak up and unite instead of being divided in my opinion. We need to think for ourselves instead of just allowing the congress to lead us. We need to kick not only the members of congress out of office, those that have no time to listen to everyday people or read a bill, but we need to make a change in the people who report our news! lol sorry rant over. Hugs Wanda

Blessings sent your way.

VICKI IN AZ said...

I am filled up with that wonderful feeling of the Spirit. I am so thrilled to know that you were there and to be able to see your photos.
I can't wait to watch Glen Beck this afternoon. Thank you Tracy for representing me there physically!
I hope you are feeling some better and rejuvenated! I am so sorry for all of your pain.


'Tart said...

The Congress doesn't need to use the proposed 'Public Option' because they have awesome health care and have it promised to them for the rest of their lives. When you vote someone into Congress, you are giving them that healthcare. If you think that is unfair, then consider a system right there that has already been put into place.

What about healthcare for the rest of Americans? There are so many people, good people, that just don't have it. Not just poverty stricken people, which apparently don't have much voice (!), but middle Americans too.

Some people, which seem to include yourselves, do not want any change. And why should they, everything seems perfect and wonderful for them, they've got things they want, their church seems to encourage them in this direction as well, frankly (again it is not an edict from God that Obama is a 'bad' person. And now he is President, so respect him, at least as much as I had to for Bush. I would think that conservatism would agree with that).

Additionally, I clearly run in different circles, as I have NEVER heard of an American that disagrees with this healthcare act as a Domestic Terrorist. I just don't see it as an issue.

We completely disagree about this Healthcare thing. I see a dire need for it, every time I go to work. I see that certain 'factions' or individuals that you may think are in our best interest in fact may have their own agenda, and it includes never budging, never changing ANYthing. I also see that, even if you don't like it, an overwhelming majority voted Obama in, on the very premise of change. Let him change the healthcare system - while you may not need it, while Congress personally does not need it (thank you Congress for considering it when it doesn't even affect your lives) - MILLIONS of Americans DO NEED IT. In short: Pass it, and fix it as you go, if necessary, but something big is needed.

Now you know that normally I do not get on MY soapbox. But this is how I feel. I feel a true direness that healthcare must change, that there needs to be something for people who have nothing. If you don't see that there are people who have nothing, you have closed your eyes, and you additionally are not using the charity that Christ wished us to have with one another, especially for the poor.

But I'm glad you had a good time. Washington, DC is a beautiful city.

Tracy said...

You are welcome Vicki Grins. I was so proud to be there. I can not wait to see what Glen Beck says either. :) blessings

Tracy said...

My dearest friend Tart. I respect your opinion. I also do have a respect for the President. He is very important. I do not disagree that changes has to be made in the health care system. I do disagree with some of what is in the plan. If you watch fox news you will hear more then what the normal stations are stating. It is why you are not hearing about the president calling us domestic terrorists. He has though. He also has called this a game that we are playing, his speech stated such just on wed.

I know your heart as you know mine. I adore you to pieces, and YOU are one of the reasons i am fighting so hard against this system. I feel you and many of the other people who i know need protection from this plan! It is the love i have for my family and friends such as you that i do march in Washington. I will share more with you on the phone. :) hugs you my friend. Know i also love you lots!

'Tart said...

I love you so much too Tracy. Just for everyone else who reads your blog, know that Tracy and I agree to disagree, sometimes on politics, and it does not mean I love her, or she I, any less.

Tracy said...

My husband pointed out to me that he did not think it was the president who called anyone who disagreed with him a domestic terrorist, but the speaker of the house Pelosi that called us that.

So i apologize for not having that fact right. I however still resent being called names just because I have an opinion that differs from the house. To also be compared to those that blew up the towers on 9/11/01 greatly offends me and i feel that she should apologize to not only myself but all those who have opinions that disagrees with her ideas!



Mimi said...

oh how fortunate you were to be able to go to the march in D.C.
I would love to have been there...and I am with you 100% on the Health Care Bill...what they really need is to pass the Tort reform and that will take care of the Health Care Problem....
Health care is so out of the ballpark expensive because all the fat cat lawyers are getting rich off the needless law suits, and specialty doctors can not afford the malpractice insurance so they are getting out of the hi risk specialties...
...OK I'm through now!!!...
love ya,