Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Painting called "The Storm"

Another day where my fibromyalgia has hit me hard. Yesterday I felt so much better while painting I felt maybe it would help me again today. Since I could not continue on yesterdays painting I pulled out a new canvas. I sat and prayed, asking God to help me come up with a painting that expressed this pain I am feeling deep inside.

I set about painting. I blared my music, turned off all phones and set about working on transferring what was inside me right that moment onto canvas. I really had no real plan in mind other then showcasing feelings, pain, and yes hope onto my canvas.

Three hours later, I set my brushes aside and realized that wow I feel better! I took a look at what my canvas held, and frankly it took my breath away. Maybe because it expressed so well what I was feeling.

This painting I am calling "The Storm"

I hope you all enjoy.


Wanda's Wings said...

Weather change can cause the flare ups. I like your new painting. I'm glad the painting helps.

Awake In Rochester said...

I'm glad you were feeling better that day.

Wonderful painting! I feel I'm in the middle of a storm right now too.

Mary said...

what a great painting, hope all is well with you, I am having surgery on my shoulder on Sept 23, My dad passed away June 25, there were so many mixed emotions, I have a poem in the works, take care

Mike Golch said...

Tracy,nice painting.thanks for the message of support.Part of the problem is one of my medications that i take for the mood swings causes a lower threshold for in an effort to slow down the seizures that medication is being decreased,if the mood swings especially the depression side gets too severs that the medication is going back up to the dose that had me stable and I will just live with the seizures.

Mimi said...

beautiful painting...and so is such a perfect way for God to speak to you, through your painting.....

Indigo said...

I wish I had faith in god, I do adore your painting of the changing storm, but the version without the lady. This to me has so nuch depth and feeling. I'm sorry to hear about all that you suffer, for such a talented woman, it isn't fair!

Tracy said...

I loved how this painting looked also Indigo, thing was it dried light taking the meaning i had away as it dried! lol. I have not worked with oil paints for a long time. Acrylics dry darker then what you intend. I was expecting that i guess. When the oils in this painting dried light i was so disappointed. So i have been fighting with paint, why i painted 8 hours yesterday trying to get the same feeling i had before. I finally gave up. I am still wracking my brain in figuring out how to accomplish what i want. Still not giving up on this painting! Smiles.

Thank you for your comment it is always apprecaited.

Regarding faith and God, It took me a long hard walk to figure out the only true way to happiness for me was turning all I am over to God. To let him carry me because I was making a mess out of my life. Just did not work with out him in it. Since doing that life has become so much better for me. He truly has blessed me.

Blessings sent your way.