Friday, September 11, 2009

The evolving progress of "The Storm" painting..

The storm... A work in progress. I still have to paint in the woman. As you can see I have already outlined her. This painting went from dark and moody, to light and breathtaking in my opinion. It shares a story. One of the soul.

Today I have spent 8 hours working on this painting. I have been pushing myself to put a lot of feelings into it. When the lady is painted, I am hoping one feels like they can feel the waves crashing down in the sea.. I hope one can feel the wind on ones skin,and feel the storm that is approaching. One should feel the strength inside this ladies soul. She may seem alone.... but she is not.

Please feel free to comment as this work progresses!

I hope everyone has a blessed weekend.


Wanda's Wings said...

I can feel this painting. I can't wait to see it finished.

sarah said...

I wish I had your ability to express my feelings through art. Awesome. Powerful. Sarah

Mike Golch said...

Tracy,you are one talented Lady.You Rock!

Tracy said...

I am so glad you can feel what i am painting Wanda! I should have the painting done next week sometime. :)

Thank you Sarah :)

Aww blushes Mike, I am glad you like the painting.

Blessings sent to all three of you! Hope your weekend is a wonderful one.

mysteryghost said...

That is very beautiful. I like to paint myself, but it is no where near as good as yours. God has truely blessed you with a gift.

Tracy said...

Thank you Mysteryghost. I would love to see your work sometime. :) I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Just Be Real said...

A lot of the time unfinished work, i.e. painting are just as interesting as the finish product. This is going to be good good good Tracy! Thanks for sharing! Blessings.

Tracy said...

Just be real, I am so glad you like how the painting is coming out. :) This painting i am getting so many mixed comments on. It seems either like if one loved how the painting looked at the beginning one does not like the painting now, those who did not like the painting so much in the beginning, now love it! :) I paint from the heart at all stages. Grins.. Ty for you comment.