Friday, May 25, 2007

Remember to live in the present

I posted this before in my old blog. It is worth posting again. I needed the reminder. :)

I am in the present - the now.
All is perfect, whole and balanced.
I will not believe in old limitations and lacks.
I will not judge, but accept and understand.
I will be as I was created to be perfect and whole.
Free of the past, it has no control, only to learn from it.
I open myself to the wisdom, that is part of that which created me,
and is part of me, and within me.
I move on the new - forward to release old patterns.
The more resentment I release, the more I can receive and give love.
I will love all as I wish to be loved.
I must see myself as an individual, unique and special.
All my experiences have formed the facets of the special jewel,
like no other, which is myself.
To see myself as Soul and this body only as a vehicle for this world.
For I am part of the creator and the energy, that I came from.
Every day I can be what I choose and think thoughts,
that will create what I choose.
I will allow all to be, what they choose.
I shall be balanced in all I do.
I will not be a victim of circumstances or others standards.
But the master of my destiny.
I will be whole.
I will achieve the greatness that
I am.


wolfbaby said...

Yes and Im still in love with that picture;) stained glass?

Hope your doing well.


jumpinginpuddles said...

have we upset you ?

MYSTI said...

Hi Wolfbaby, and Jip,

Noooooooooo JIP you have not upset me at all. I have just not been dealing well of late with a lot of things in general. I still think of you and everyone else that are my blogger friends. I am sorry If I have upset any of you by not coming to blogs, or writing here. I have thought about taking my blog down. I talked with a good friend of mine about doing this, and she said no I shouldnt. I will try to update everyone soon about all that is happening my my life. I also will try to be better at coming to blogs and letting you all know I care. Hugs Wolfbaby, and JIP.


Ani Star said...

Hey, I'm Ani. I wanted to let you know that I've added a link to your site onto the side bar of my own. As a survivor I'm trying to connect with as many other survivors as I can, such as yourself. My main blog is at if you want to check it out. If its okay with you, could I add a link to your blog there also? If you'd like you can add a link to either of my blogs here. Thanks so much.

~ Ani

Wanda's Wings said...

Thanks for posting this. It good stuff!!

Anonymous said...

Great words of wisdom and they are so very true. Thanks for the refreshing reminder as it is always good to have such little reminders to keep us on the proper path in our lives.