Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers day to all the many dads out there!

This Post is dedicated to my own father.

Today I am remembering some of the wonderful things about my dad.

I grew up with a father who was the fun dad on the street. All my friends called him dad. They all would come into our house and see my father and say HI Dad, and give him a huge hug.

He was the dad that always took my friends and I where ever we needed to go. My father had a soft spot in his heart for his girls. Many times we would ask for money and he would give us the last dime out of his pocket. ( he still will do this.)

As a child I grew up with all the Johnny Cash songs. To this day when my brothers and sisters hear his songs we all smile and think of our father. My father I am sure related to these songs because he himself was and is a bit of a rebel. Laughing. While growing up he loved telling us stories of all his close escapes with something, or someone or another. My father has always lived fully. He is a man of many passions, and a man loved by many, including his children.

This morning while looking for the perfect song to play for him my own husband started laughing. I asked him why? He said because you are soooooo happy right now. You are really enjoying yourself. I was singing and dancing and clapping my hands. My heart got light while listening to all of Johnny's songs. I must have been just as happy and doing the same thing as a child while with my father. All of Johnny Cash's songs bring a huge smile to my face. Not because I love Johnny Cash so much but because I think of my father!

I had a hard time trying to decide which song to post. All of them are mostly about Prison and hard times. Laughs. Most of them are truly about being a rebel. In Cash's later years he discovered Jesus. I am not posting any of those songs because this is about my memories of my dad. Growing up the songs were not about Jesus but was all about the rebel in Johnny Cash. :)

I love you Dad! Hope this day and this song brings you much joy and happiness.


Jade said...

Hope your dad is as happy today as you are :-)

wolfbaby said...

that is so sweet!! I am glad you are having a happy day!!

Raine said...

me too

White Forest said...

thats a sweet tribute!

MYSTI said...

Thank you everyone. :) My father cried. Smiling wide. I touched his heart. Did not mean to choke him all up. I am glad it touched him though. I love him lots!


keepers said...

it is so refreshing to read of someone who has a good relationship with their dad and we are happy for you!

peace and blessings


Anonymous said...

I can picture you dancing and singing with a huge grin on your face. I'm glad you were able to find such happiness in honour of your father.

It's always the days that we can touch our father's heart and give him that twinkle in this eye that are memorable.