Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fun test

Your Brain is Blue

Of all the brain types, yours is the most mellow.
You tend to be in a meditative state most of the time. You don't try to think away your troubles.
Your thoughts are realistic, fresh, and honest. You truly see things as how they are.

You tend to spend a lot of time thinking about your friends, your surroundings, and your life.

Got this from my blogger friend Dr.Debs site. I had fun taking the test. Pretty accurate as always. :)



Raine said...

HA mine is too!!!

Anonymous said...

From one Misty to another Mysti...our brains are blue!

I took the test too, but although I love the colour and have taken other tests where blue is representative of me, I wasn't sure this one was accurate. I don't know whether "mellow" can describe me as I can tense up about a lot of things, but I do breathe my way out of having a complete meltdown. I have a hard time not thinking away my troubles. I believe the last two lines would be accurate though.

Hope you are keeping well.

jumpinginpuddles said...

mines red but i went ot post on dr debs and whoever posted who wasnt me theres is green :O mine said'You tend to spend a lot of time thinking about love, your dreams, and distant places.


trinitystar said...

I enjoyed this Mysti ... I like new things. hugs for you.
have a wonderful weekend.

Rauf said...

mine is blue too Mysti
hope you are doing well and enjoying the summer

jumpinginpuddles said...

we have tagged you over on our blog is why

krystyna said...

Mysti, mine is blue too.
Thanks, I enjoyed it.
Wishing you the best!

Justin said...


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