Thursday, June 14, 2007

Today's thoughts from Mysti

Todays thoughts

I am much better truthfully. I get my feelings hurt yes. I tend to get ticked off when my words are taken wrong, and I totally take everything to heart. Once I calm down though I forgive and forget in most cases.

I however will not forgive over and over again if someone is messing with me.

I give my thoughts and share who I am with others freely. I in most cases talk straight from the heart. Some say this is crazy. Why trust and why show ones soul? I think why not? How many people have missed out on love, friendship and happiness because they closed off their souls?

I give, share, and love freely. I always have. It is who I am.

I am old enough to know that this will never change.

It is okay.

People like me because of who I am.

Those that love me would not want me to change.

I tend to speak from the heart. To do anything else would not be me.

I am not perfect, and I never claimed to be.

I make mistakes like everyone else.

I however give deeply, feel deeply, and love deeply.

To do anything else in life would be a waste.

These thoughts might seem to simple to some. Some will say because of who I am I make myself vulnerable, and deserve the pain when someone plays games with me, or mess with me.

Some will say Mysti you are a fool.

I think one is only a fool when they miss out on life.



Misty said...

Amen to that!

Glad you're feeling better today.

I also could not understand why anyone would choose to close their heart. It doesn't block everyone else out, it simply closes oneself to all the benefits of life.

Life is about balance and you cannot have good without the bad. We are all worthy of having a fulfilled life and same does not occur from having a stress-free life. It is those challenges that give us the most strength and teaches us the most wisdom.

You're halfway there because you already know this! It is a pleasure to have met you, if only in blogland.

Dr. Deb said...

I also get very hurt when I feel that I am not heard, or my words are taken wrong too.

Mysit, you are no fool.


wolfbaby said...

I think that is the perfect way to live life!!

sorry it's takin me a bit... i've been behind alot on blogs


krystyna said...

Hi Mysti!
This post is very helpful for many people too.
Take care!