Friday, November 14, 2008

Words from the heart.

I know i haven't posted much lately, I am sorry if i have worried some of you by not doing such. I have been in a slump of late. Fibromyalgia has been rearing its ugly head, as well as putting me in a rather blah mood. The weather has been gloomy matching my mood i think. You add that i am not happy with who was elected for our president and am feeling very unsafe in knowing that he will be our President, it has really taken a tole on me spiritually and physically.

I know a lot of you voted for Obama, and I am happy for you and your happiness that Obama won the election.

For me however you need to please understand this man simply scares me.

Sure he is handsome, and young, has a nice smile, and is very charismatic, but i never did look at outer appearance's or just go on words alone. In my opinion actions are more important then words. Any one can talk a good game, but when it comes right down to it, it is actions that speak volumes. I look at the soul behind the person, and the actions one has exhibited. I believe he is going to do more harm to this country then good. He stands for most everything I am against.

I do not believe this man has any morals, and in the long run he will make only changes that will hurt our country, and not ones that will actually bring the change that most want. (Economically speaking.)

I know most of you who voted for the man will read this and you will feel angry. Know though that i never really share my thoughts regarding politics with others for that very reason. I do not like to offend anyone, and i am not comfortable with others being angry. This is why i keep my thoughts to myself. I believe though that my blogger friends will respect my feelings as i have respected a lot of yours when i have read your passion for wanting Obama in office. :)

I know that my blogger friends know me well enough that I am not saying any of this to judge others, but am simply expressing my thoughts and feelings on this topic. I do have a right to my thoughts just as you all do. I think you all feel the same way, and as i have said in the past I have the best blogger buddies one could ever ask for.

I do not like this mans Character. Some will say i am judging him harshly. I do not think this is judgement at all in not agreeing with Obama, or his views. It is having discernment. It is looking at the whole man and seeing his true character..

I am a mother who has a responsibility to teach my children about good Character, and what is right or wrong in the eyes of God... Not in the eyes of man....
For this very reason I have looked at all Obama stands for. I have looked at his Character, and i have had to dicern if this man truly will be good for not only my family but the country. I have had to look deep and to see the true soul of this man. I can honestly say from seeing this mans Character, looking at his actions of the past, and knowing that he is going to be our president, i do not feel safe one bit. So yes this depresses me.

What does bring me peace of mind is that God is watching over us. I am very blessed, and I know this, and I fully appreciate all the blessings God has given me. So I am putting all of my fears and all of my worries into God's hands. I will try and not worry about the direction this country has been taking for a very long time, and trust that God will continue watching over this nation as this new President takes office.

On that note i will close this post.

I hope you all have a blessed weekend.


Mike Golch said...

Tracy,I respect your views,I hope you respect mine. This being said,I hope that this man turns this country upside down and put it back to what out Founding Fathers had in mind instead of the rich corporations,and special interests dictating how our country is run.If this happen I will be glad. for that change needs to happen then maybe we will escape the problems we are facing like forclosures,banks failing. bring back the kind of watch dogs that we had before the financial mess that we are in now.

Tracy said...

Oh mike of course i respect your opinions. :) Thank you for respecting mine. Do not get me wrong, i to want things to change. I feel the economy needs to be boosted! This country is in huge trouble. I agree with you there. I just do not believe President Obama elect is the one that will actually accomplish that. I do hope i am wrong. I really hope i am wrong truthfully, since he is will be the leader of this country very soon. Anyway I am praying for this country. Lets hope that it all changes for the good soon.

Hugs and blessings sent your way.

Hopefulsl said...

Hey sister of mine!
I too agree with you on this subject, but as you have said we will just have to give it to God and hope for the best..........I'm sorry that you are still having problems with your fibro :( I hope you start to feel better soon! And as for everybody else who has a problem with you speaking your mind about Obama..........Well, if they have a problem with it and causes a fit with you, tell them this is why we have this freedom!!!
WE ALL ARE INTIDAL TO SPEAK OUR MINDS. CHEERS TO YOU FOR BEING ABLE TO SPEAK OUT LOUD WITH ALL OF US!!!!!! I'm sure it really helped to released it out of your system. (((( YOU GO GIRL ))))
Miss & Love Ya Lots!
Stacy,Brat- xoxoxoxo

wolf said...

they gave us a choice between bad and worse when they give us a choice between decent and decent then I will get around to voting until then I abstain. alot of people get mad at me for that but I won't vote when my vote dosn't really count anyways and when I don't really agree with either of the canadites presented. if it makes you feel anybetter his ties to some people/groups scare me to.

Tracy said...

Awww ty Stacy. Love you lots, and i am so happy you are in my corner always! Hugssssssssss to you my twin.

Hi Wolf, I know several people who felt like you did. I myself did not care for either candidate either, and had similar feelings. However there were areas about McCain that I did respect and like. Just did not like some of his character issues also. I do not know what the answers are for this country but I do not believe Obama is the answer either.


Denise said...

What we have to fear the most from this man is the moral issue..... I fear too many people voted because of the economy and not the moral issue..... When a man evokes the name of God and states that he is a Godly man and on the other hand supports the abortion law then I question his Christianity. If he signs the law now in the congress that all hospitals and clinic that receive payment from the government such as welfare and Medicaid must preform abortion on demand it will cause the immediate closing of hundreds and hundreds of hospitals that will not comply to this law.... The Catholic hospitals and Baptist hospitals in this state will close on the spot....they will not comply to this law and give abortions on demand. The Christians would rise up at the very thought! That will cause sever economic repercussions.
He has spoken pretty words.. but we will see what his actions say....... Also if he is a friend of the far right as has been proven, then he is not a friend with Israel..... if he is not a friend of Israel then he is not a friend of God....... I am sorry but I so agree with you.. I fear what he will do to this country ...... I know that God is the ultimate authority in our nation and this may be the day and time for this country to be brought to its knees.......Obama may be the man that brings us to our knees........ We will see.. We have our opinions and we have the right to speak them...... What we do girl is pray ....... Keep our eyes on the Father..... HE has a perfect plan for this nation... we may just not see it!

Love ya.

Tracy said...

Denise you said it all and very eloquently i might add! Thank you for posting this wonderful comment. You said it better then i did!

Love ya 2 and i hope you are having a blessed weekend.

'Tart said...

Dear Tracy,
I am glad you wrote this post. I know that it was weighing heavily on your mind, and I am glad that you wrote it out and posted it. I hope that it will lift the weight that you were feeling about saying what you think, especially since you have every right to say how you think and feel.:):)

I'm sorry your fibro has been getting you down. I hope it lightens up and improves for you, along with the weather, soon!

S'onnie said...

(((((hugs))))) I think blogging is great because we can share our views and thoughts and are respected even if there is some healthy debate at times.

as for elections ours have just occured and for me the voting options were similar. Stuck between a rock and a hard place who do you vote for. I voted for the party that won't sell the national assetts given I work for one of them.

I agree characters are important in politics and its a real shame there are not many honest ones that we can look up to.

Tracy said...

Tart you are so right! I do feel better now that i got if off my chest and wrote about it. :) Ty for your comment. I to hope i feel better soon fibro wise. :) Big time hugs sent your way.

Sonnie, ty for your comment, I know that it is the same all over the world when dealing with politicians. (((Hugs))))

Mimi said...

I too was very much afraid of Obama being elected... but as my husband reminded me...God is still in control of our world (all of it)...
He only allows who He wants to be in power...

He used some very evil Kings in the bible to accomplish what He wanted to accomplish....

Now we have to pray, pray, and pray some more for Obama and all the Cabinet members that he chooses...

can you imagine the wonderful good that could come about in our country if Obama turned his way of thinking and truly became a believer in Christ?

sorry to see that your fibro is rearing it's hurtful head again..

Raine said...

I believe it is ok to have differing opinions and that even if you dont agree with them, you must respect each others right to have them. I also believe that my friendships are more much important and personal to me than politics

Raine said...

I believe it is ok to have differing opinions and that even if you dont agree with them, you must respect each others right to have them. I also believe that my friendships are more much important and personal to me than politics

Jade said...

At this point I'm not sure we can do worse than George W. So any change is a welcomed change in my mind. We all have views and opinions and it is absolutely ok for you to share yours :-)

Tamara (TC) said...


I would never say my opinion is more worthy than yours. We are all allowed our own ideas, feelings, likes, dislikes and beliefs. What I honor is my friendship with you and the wonderful person that I know you are. Letting politics come between that would be pure silliness. I totally and completely respect your feelings and am sorry that this is concerning you so much. I obviously have no idea where the country is headed and can only hope that some good decisions are made. In the meantime, I will enjoy my life and my friends. I hope that you can find some peace around this. You have so much wonderful to offer the world and I hate to see anything depressing you.

Very sorry, too, about the fibro pain. I am sending lots of hugs and pain relieving thoughts your way.