Monday, January 21, 2008

The Start in getting rid of toxins in my body

Well today was the first day of my new program. I wasn't going to write in my blog at first, because i am having problems focusing. I feel like i am in a daze. I figured though i should , because it will help me keep track of how i am doing. It will allow me to look back and see if i have had any improvements or not. Please forgive me if my writing is a little off tonight.

I still need to buy the sauna,( I order it tomorrow ) but i was able to start the other part of program. I started my day out with some juice that had a special formula called PaleoCleanse Powder & Amion D-Tox in it. I also am now on two other new things. The first is Magnesium. I tried this before but for some reason had to go off of it. I forget exactly why, we figured we would give it another try, so we re added it to my diet along with something called Kaprex. Kaprex is supposed to give Joint Relief. I have never been on that before, so we shall see how my body responds to it.

This new program i am to eliminate all gluten-containing grains, and dairy from my diet during the detoxification process. I am also to follow a whole-food, macronutrient-balanced diet. I am not sure where i am going to get organic fresh veggies and fruits, as well free range organic lean animal proteins which i am also to be eating. This area is not that great for finding those kinds of foods. I guess i will do the best i can.

Today i felt a response right away to the new diet. I instantly had irritable bowel syndrome, as well as a feeling of fatigue. I felt more in a fog then normal. I also have a headache, and my stomach feels swollen.

I think this is normal, the stuff is trying to work in my system. We shall see how tomorrow goes.

That is about it for today, i hope everyone has a blessed evening.


wolfbaby said...

ummm I hope things get better for you and this new program works!! take care ok