Thursday, April 23, 2009

Full Of Beauty

Painting is called Full of Beauty.

Hi everyone,

Here, is my latest painting. It is a very personal painting, because it is painting of myself. I am calling this work "Full Of Beauty".

I saw an image in my mind of total freedom in being me. I have always been so self cautious of my weight gain over the years. A weight gain caused by emotional trauma and physical health issues.

I feel God has slowly been showing me that no matter the size of the woman they can be seen as beautiful.

This painting will be one of emotional growth in seeing the beautiful lady that God created. I also hope that it will be an expression of shedding many layers of emotional baggage and show casing that I am a survivor!

I am showing myself walking into the ocean and dropping a towel, allowing it to slide slowly down into the sea..a symbol of the baggage being shed that i have carried through out the years.

The reason I chose a sunrise for the sky is because it is a representation of a fresh start, and new beginnings.

This is the first time i have painted the human form, and i acutally chose to paint myself. Go figure.... lol

I like to let God guide me when i paint, and this was the time to paint this.

As always i love feedback on my works. It helps me to grow not only in my work but spiritually.

I hope you all enjoy.


Hopefulsl said...

Well sis, you out did yourself this time :) This painting is so like you and just looking at the painting has made me feel very peaceful within myself too!! You have expressed your true emotions here and I totally can see it!!!!!! You are are very beautiful lady and standing on the sand getting ready to let go of your towel to go into the ocean is knowing and seeing just how peaceful you are with yourself and having God surround you the whole time! I TRULY LOVE THIS PAINTING :) You should be very PROUD of yourself because I AM!!!!!



Mike Golch said...

Tracy,this is a great painting,as all of your paintings are.{{{Tracy}}} {{{HUGS}}}

hisham said...

Tracy, you know i am not an artist but i feel happy ang blessed when i look at sea pictures and waves. most of your paintings make me fel at ease ant i believe that this is art. isn't it? I also believe that friends can make themselves happy by sharing thoughts and letting themselves take the job of (SEA). I mean to talk ur worries and thoughts to the sea. Just an idea.

Just Be Real said...

Awesome paiting Tracy with a good meaning of "freedom." Thank you so much for sharing what you are experiencing. Blessings dear one!

Dean Corso said...

Looks Great, Makes you feel...the vastness of both your soul and the universe.
Hope to see more from you Tracy.

wolf said...

awesome simply awesome

Dean Corso said...

The Soul. Seek out reality, leave things that seem.
"W.B. Yeats"

Dr. Deb said...

Lovely. Full of beauty, for sure.

'Tart said...

It's lovely, Tracy, really lovely.:)

Just Be Real said...

Tracy, I have an award waiting for you in the post "Just Be Real Award." Come by and take of it dear one!

Anonymous said...


I love your painting. One day I went to the ocean and was standing in that exact position listening to a song called, "Oh how he loves us". Your picture captures that moment; :)

hisham said...

Tracy, one sees oneself if in complete purity and honesty. Being otherwise prevents such a blessing.One's surrounding might add to this. the wise are those who can see their inner beauty. Hisham