Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

My soul yearns for the simple.. So I am spending time reflecting on things that make me happy. A walk on the beach, a walk in the woods, a walk hand and hand with whom my heart and soul yearns to be with. Walking in silence, and enjoying the company of God.
Here is a poem written by one of our greatest poets to go with my mood.

A Dream Pang
by: Robert Frost

I had withdrawn in forest, and my song
Was swallowed up in leaves that blew alway;
And to the forest edge you came one day
*This was my dream) and looked and pondered long,
But did not enter, though the wish was strong:
you shook your pensive head as who should say,
'I dare not--to far in his footsteps stray-
He must seek me would he undo the wrong.'

Not far, but near, I stood and saw it all
behind low boughs the trees let down outside;
And the sweet pang it cost me not to call
And tell you that I saw does still abide.
But 'tis not true that thus I dwelt aloof,
For the wood wakes, and you are here for proof.


'Tart said...

I'm glad you are feeling well. Your last posts have been very uplifting. I like Elizabeth Barrett Browning too.

Just Be Real said...

I love the Dream Pang. Thanks for sharing this Tracy. I too love to walk in the woods among God's beauty to escape and reflect. Blessings dear one!

Denise said...

Love that! Peace sweet peace is what we are longing for.......

Mike Golch said...

I think that all of us are looking for peace and happiness.I'm working on that.