Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter my friends.

Hi all. I have been dealing with a new medicine my doctor has wanted me to try. The medicine has been messing up my sleeping patterns. Some nights I have not slept at all. Other nights i sleep a few hours. So i am rather sleep deprived. All in all I feel rather punchy and have not been able to think. I have not wanted to post or talk with to many because i am not making a lot of sense. Thank you everyone who has commented on the posts below. I am blessed to have so many who care about me.

I do want to wish all my friends a very happy Easter though, and post a video a friend of mine sent via email. I hope you find it as uplifting and inspiring as i have! No matter what we all may be dealing with in our lives, we need to remember never to give up! We need to keep getting back up when we are knocked down, and move forward. There is always hope.

I will be reading and catching up on all your posts soon my blogger friends. Just as soon as i can think again clearly.

Hugs, and blessings sent to each and every one of you!


Mike Golch said...

I hope that you and your family have a blessed easter as well.sorry that you are having trouble sleeping with the new meds.

Just Be Real said...

Tracy, so good to hear from you again. I checked periodically your blog, but glad you have posted once again.
Take it easy dear, and thank you for the update with what is going on with you. Thank you for your encouraging words to never give up. Amen.
Blessings and Happy Easter!

Lighthouse Prayer Line said...

Hi Tracy,

Thanks for sharing that with us!

Have a very Happy Easter!! :)

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'Tart said...

Dear Tracy,
Happy Easter to you!:):):) I hope you had a wonderful day!

I am sorry that you have not been getting sleep and I hope the new med is helpful for you.
Hugs to you, Dear Tracy,

Denise said...

I have seen him before in a Christian magazine..... He is a testimony to the grace of God that is within each of us....... Hope your sleeping pattern has adjusted itself...... and pray that your Easter weekend brought you peace....