Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'll Take You There

You ever just need to sing?? And sing out loud while you dance??? I have to sing today, I have to dance. I need to get this energy out of my body and soul. I am running on tiredness, running on nerves, and just flat out running....

Sometimes a special song gets stuck in ones head and helps one relax. I have been singing this song all day.

This is an oldie but goodie that is for sure.

Here is a song to dance to..... Grins.

Singing loudly, and dances while painting today.

Hope you are having a blessed day!


Hopefulsl said...

Hoped it helped you out some today. Sorry that we have not spoken to one another in awhile but the way you have been feeling and the way things have been with me lately explains a lot for each other ~lol~ We will be catching up soon I'm sure! Miss & Love you very much. You are in my PRAYERS and in my thoughts daily!!

Love,Stacy ((((HUGS))))

Hopefulsl said...

ME AGAIN ~lol~
Just read your post below this one. SORRY SIS :( I truly don't blame you for doing what you have to do. I would be doing the same thing too!! As a matter of fact, I have just had to do the same thing on Facebook, My-Space and my cell phone due to harassment from somebody. YES-it is Kyle's step-mom "SIGH" thought we would never go through this again. So I have put a block on her plus Gary as well! Life is to short and I am tired of the two of them putting me through HELL.....So now they can only contact Kyle on his cell phone and they still can call the house phone but thank god I have caller ID ((((YIPPEE)))) ~lol~ Where as on Facebook,My-Space and my cell phone they could write and text me still, so I got tired of reading all the UGLY stuff that Chris kept sending me. My heart has gone through enough! Anyhow, hang in there o.k.......Hope your painting is coming along the way you want it too :) LOVE-YA!!

'Tart said...

That is a good boogie-ing song!! Lot's of bass! I am thinking of you my friend and I hope that you have a good day!

Denise said...

After having done all "stand"

and I say DANCE! It will set you free........

You are a blessing here girl.... so I will listen to your song and I will dance!

Mary said...

Hi Tracy, great song to sing to...hope you are doing well. take care..Mary

Just Be Real said...

You Go Girl! Usually the Beatles do it for me! Blessings!