Friday, April 17, 2009

I saw God today

I am up once again with only a few hours sleep, but laughing with my friend Tart on chat, what a nice surprise. I showed her the test results I took on facebook that made me go wow! The results fit me to a tee. Tart and I thought I should share it here on my blog. So here goes.

Tracy completed the quiz "What is your theme song?" with the result George Straight -I Saw God Today.
You've got a new sense of a supernatural love in your life. You've begun to notice the little things that have been specifically placed in your life, just to make you smile. You are at peace with yourself and the world. Good for you!

Here is the video. I hope you enjoy!


'Tart said...

This is such a beautiful version, isn't it! So good to talk to you tonight! I am glad you are feeling good and posting! Beautiful song!

Isn't YouTube neat?! I haven't really used it to post on my site, but it is just getting bigger and bigger and I think I will sometime. Have a great Day my friend!

Just Be Real said...

Tracy, thanks for sharing the video dear. Blessings and (((hugs))

Mike Golch said...

Tracy,thank you for this great message,God Bless you my friend.Mike G. said that,and that's my story and believe you me I'm sticking to it.{{{HUGS}}}

Hopefulsl said...

Yes it is a BEAUTIFUL song!! Very touching for me that's for sure :) Love you sister of mine....Hope you're resting better now? TTYS-(((HUGS)))