Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Getting out and taking a walk

I decided to take action. I am off to take a walk at the beach. I am taking my music, and will be listening to the song I am posting. I need to feel the sun, and to allow my eyes to take in all the beauty that the ocean offers. I will then dance where no one can see me.

Depression is awful, but I am going to try and pull myself out of it.
The song I can only imagine usually uplifts my spirit and mood. Hopefully it will today. :)


"I Can Only Imagine by: MercyMe"


Fallen Angels said...

Hope getting out helps.

Mark (Lord of the Idiots) said...

Mysti, Hang in there! Things WILL get better! I love that song and believe it or not, the wife and I are going to see Mercy Me on March the 8th in Dallas with Audio Adrenaline and Aaron Shust. Will be thinking about you when they sing "I can only imagine". Mysti, there WILL be light at the end of the tunnel. As a fellow depression sufferer, I can tell you a better day WILL come.....just be patient. It will happen! Smile! Try to have a good day!

wolfbaby said...

beatiful song. Enjoy your walk at the beach I hope things are going well soon. I miss the ocean!!! I love the ocean so very much!!

Raine said...

I cant hear the song- but walking on the beach and dancing sounds WONDERFUL!! I sooo wish I could do the same

krystyna said...

Hi Mysti!
Good decision. Take action; walking, listening lovely music, reading exciting book... or painting, bloging.... etc. ..
Today I put music on this my blog. Maybe you like it?
I like "I can Only Imagine".
I wish you many blessings!!!

jumpinginpuddles said...

since we ahve stopped smoking we are also walkign so much more and our body is feeling better becasue of it.
Was just thinking as we were reading you blog we havent seen the house pics for ages you must be so much more further along with it can you post soem for us to see please?

trinitystar said...

Visions of Gods beauty ... nature ... is very upliting.
the sounds of the water ... the softness beneath your feet ... enjoy it Mysti.
Great song and video.
hugs for you.
Have a wonderful weekend. :O)

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Music definitely helps me to move out of my depression as well. That and the soft sunshine. Alas, there's not been much of Mr. Sun lately.

Love that song too!!!

keepers said...

enjoy your walk and take plenty of them, if we had a beach by us we would be there all the time! be kind to yourself!

peace and blessings


QUASAR9 said...

Waves crashing on sandy beach
forces of nature within reach
Waves crashing on sandy beach
the rythms of nature do teach

So Mysti, how are you today?

MYSTI said...

Thank you Fallen It did.

Mark I hope you have a wonderful time at the concert! I wish I was going to!

Wolfbaby come join me at the beach!

You too Raine!

Thank you Krystyna. I shall look.

Jip, I will post pics soon! Things are really slow building wise. As soon as I have something to show you I shall.

Hugs Trinity.

I am very much looking forward to spring Deb. :)

Keepers, ty, I am taking care of me. Hugs

Lovely poem Quasar. I am coming out of the depression. :)

I shall post soon.

Blessings everyone.


Raine said...

you ok?

Jade said...

Hope you're finding your way out of the fog Mysti.

krystyna said...

Hi Mysti!
I miss you. How are you? How your painting?
Peace - Love to you!