Friday, February 9, 2007

Painters block

I am feeling very frustrated today. I have been working on a painting with out much luck. I feel my angles are all wrong, and I am drawing a complete blank on what my next move should be.

I have to finish this painting before next weekend. I am not sure that is happening. At this very moment I want to just put it aside and start a new one. Laughing, because I wont let myself. It will call to me until I finish it.

For now though I am going to wash out my paint brushes, put my paints away, and allowing myself to breath and think.

Tomorrow is another day.


wolfbaby said...

Sometimes thats the best thing you can do for yourself;) I know I have been doing that my only problem is then I start putting it off more and more LOL Good luck

Raine said...

Why do you have to finish it by next weekend? Maybe having a "deadline" is the problem itself

keepers said...

know how you feel, sometimes we just leave a picture or start over because we are not happy with it, can't get something to look how it is in our head, sometimes we try over and over other times we let it sit for a while, depends on who the artist is

Good luck on "getting it right"


Anonymous said...

Her gallery showing is next weekend

MYSTI said...

Thanks Wolfbaby, I shall talk with you soon!

Raine I have a gallery showing next weekend. I was hoping to have this painting on display also. It does not appear that this will happen. We shall see.

Keepers,thank you, I am sure I shall get it done eventually. Thanks for the support.

Anonymous you are right. Thanks for caring.

trinitystar said...

Good idea ... a little space ... do something else ... capture some beauty as you walk and your inspirations will soon return.
hugs for you.

krystyna said...

Hi Mysti!
Be happy with Who You Are!

Anonymous said...

That is the best thing to do. I have a lot of "big" type files I work on and some days I don't have the energy or focus to give it my best.

I can waste the whole day forcing myself to work on that troublesome file, or put it away, work on smaller files and feel more productive which re-energizes so I can work on the troublesome file in much less time.

>>>But getting back to the troublesome file takes a bit of motivation as well. Good luck!