Sunday, February 11, 2007

Random thoughts.

I am up early taking care of my new puppy Lily. She just fell asleep on my lap and I am afraid of moving her for fear she will wake up and be wide awake. Lily has brought me a lot of joy since getting her. She however has turned my world upside down. :)

I have been sitting here surfing blogs and came across one blog that was about how online words have changed the way we as a world now communicate. They then ended their blog with a MeMe of words they now use.

This blog made me think. WE all use words that define us as being uniquely "ME".

I know personally speaking that I will see a word and think of a friend in real life or a friend here on the Internet. What I have found interesting is how being online has added words to my everyday life. Many of these words I never used up until I got online.

If I was told five years ago I would be saying some of the words I now use, I would have looked at you like you were crazy insane.

What words have you used since you started talking online?

Here are some of the words I have added to my world. ( are they really words?) Nope, but I think that most everyone will know what they mean.

Some words I use only when I am online. While others I use every day. I have made up a list for both.

Words that I use when I am only on line.
1. brb (be right back)
2. lol (lots of laughter)
3. blog (this journal I am writing in)
4. hmmmm (do I need to explain)
5. hb (hurry back)
6. OMGOSH ( oh my gosh)
7. rofl (rolling on floor laughing)
8. Woot! ( kinda like a cheer)
9 wb (welcome back)
10. yw (your welcome)
11. Pfft ( poof they are gone)
12. :) ( a sign for a smiley face)

Here are some words that I say say both online, and off.
1. Sheesh
2. Anyway
3. aha
4. whatcha thinkin
5. blessings my friend.


Anonymous said...

ei am wandern?

Hope said...

You taught me some I didn't know.
You are right about the changes tech stuff has brought to our lives, that 5 years ago we couldn't imagine. have fun with PONG, I've been a little obsessive with it myself.

jumpinginpuddles said...

took us ages to get the lingo and now we even use some of it everyday :P

Sonnie-Dee said...

Its amazing how much one little thing can alter your life. I remember my first forays into the cyber world and all these acronyms that made no sense what so ever

Irene said...



These are my favorite blogwords!

Oh and here's another one...


That goes out to you, Mysti dear! Have a great week! =)

krystyna said...

Hi Mysti!
You know my thoughts, becouse this post is very helpfull for me. Often I think what means for eg. lol. It is easier to me to understand the dificult words than these kinds, because I cannot find them in a dictonary.
I made copy of these words.Thanks!
Best wishes!

krystyna said...

More these kind of words will be helpfull.

krystyna said...

I have to write, copy is impossble. And it is OK.