Friday, January 4, 2008

A day of hope

I normally have written a post on my Birthday. This year though I ended up not in the mood to blog. :) I had a wonderful birthday this year. It was quiet. I spent it at home, but not feeling alone at all. I was surrounded in spirit by friends and family who love me.

It started out with snow in the air, and me putting a meal together in my crock pot. It was a perfect day for something hot and hearty. My husband did offer to take me out to dinner, but truthfully i really just wanted to spend my birthday not having to go anywhere. Smelling the meal cooking in the crock pot, i put on a huge pot of coffee, started the fireplace, and went and put on cozy comfy clothing. It started relaxing, and ended such. :) The perfect day in my mind.

My friends and family all made my day special. I received some very special gifts and spent time talking with everyone. I truly felt loved. My friend Tart sent me a gorgeous African violet. Thank you so much Tart! It came just in time truthfully because the day after my birthday i caught a small case of the flu. I was feeling so sick, and the plant added cheer to my life. I instantly felt better. Thank you again sweet Tart.

So here i am today , several days after my birthday, and i am feeling a whole lot better. I am in a painting mood, so i think it is time to get out all my painting stuff and start another mural. This one i had kind of drawn out a plan several months ago, but never got started on it. I had decided to wait until after Christmas. This mural will be a grape vine with grapes and leaves draping around my archway kitchen door way. It will have a whole lot of details, and i am looking forward to painting it.

I am almost afraid of saying out loud today that i am feeling good today, because i have had so many days of late not feeling such. I am afraid that i will jinx myself. In truth though today i woke feeling no pain, and able to think. How wonderful is that? It is one reason i want to pull out all my painting stuff and get started!

I am feeling not only wonderful physically at the moment, but am feeling such spiritually. I am off to start my day very positive. I have lots of hopes and dreams i want to set forth and implement. I am feeling rather blessed! It could be because i have had such a wonderful start to my year, or it could be because of the African violet i received yesterday, making me think of spring, and brightness, or it could be because i am blessed with so many wonderful people in my life now. Whatever it is, I am just going to go and enjoy my day.

A quote for the day:
If you do not hope, you will not find what is beyond your hopes.
St. Clement of Alexandra

**I knew if i said anything it would jinx me. Several hours after writing this i came down with the start of a headache, stomach pains, and my chest hurting. I was like what is that? I then decided to look at weather. Weather is changing from really cold to warming up. Winds are pushing a warm front in. I always knew that the weather pressure has something to do with pain levels. I think i now totally believe the weather pressure is what impacts my fibro. Or maybe it is still a little bit of the flu? Maybe a little bit of both. Who knows.**


Hope said...

I have no doubt that the forces of nature affect us. I hope you feel better now, or at least soon.
Happy birthday, happy new year and many blessings,

'Tart said...

Hello Mysti,
I'm sorry to hear you are not feeling well.

Those days with no pain, are the constrast with all the bad days. I think it's like confusion and suddenly being able to think.

You have a chronic illness and must get thru it, enjoying good days once in a while. I'm sorry sometimes it's only hours!

You are so welcome for the African violet. What color did they give you? As they said it was up to them what color.

That was for your birthday and to remember me by, since those suckers can live so long. Think of your sweet Tart when you look at it.:):):):):)

I'm thinking of painting too! A paint by numbers set of a villa (I love everything Italian looking!) I don't have your gift for Free Form!

I am looking forward to Mia's arrival on Sunday - 2 days! Still looking for a crate, but I have a collar with tag, 2 adorable toys, etc. Can't Waaaaait!:)

Hope you are feeling well, soon, my Friend.

MYSTI said...

Happy New Year to you Hope. I am feeling somewhat better. Thank you.

Yayyy on the new puppy Tart. I am looking forward to seeing some pictures of her. The violet is purple. Very pretty color. Yes i will think of you every time i look at the plant. :) Painting by numbers can be a lot of fun, and very beautiful. I am sure that when you are done with the painting it will look wonderful in a frame!



jm said...

sorry you are not feeling well but so glad you had a wonderful birthday! belated birthday wishes to you!

peace and blessings


wolfbaby said...

Im glad you had a good birthday and a day free of pain.

krystyna said...

Hi Mysti!
Belated, but from deep of my heart:
Happy Birthday!!!