Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This award is for all of my wonderful blogger friends!

I have some of the most wonderful blogger friends in the world of blogger land. I feel so blessed truthfully that you all are in my life.

While driving to the doctors office I had time to really think about the people in my life who are so very supportive. I feel so awed at times that one can feel such support from people who comment on ones blog.

I feel like you all are friends of mine, even though I have never met most of you. It is truly amazing how close one can get just from following a blogger s life, and they yours. I am so happy you all are my friends.

Some of you have made such a positive impact in my life! I know with out a doubt that if i put a post up for prayer, or support you all will come running! Thank you so much to all of you!

A couple of you have become such close friends. One blogger friend I met in real life, (Tart) and she is now one of my very best friends! How wonderful it is to have her a part of my life. Not only do we follow one another s blog, but we also now pray together and read the bible together. I can not imagine not having such a wonderful person in my life! I feel our relationship is a God thing truthfully. God knew we needed one another and he guided us to each others blogs! ^.^

I am also blessed to have my twin sister as a blogger friend. I have always loved her for obvious reasons, but i feel now my twin sister has become one of my best friends because of blogger! We always have been close, but our relationship has become stronger now that she is in blog land. What a blessing that is! Thank you Stacy for loving me as much as you do and being such a wonderful friend. Thank you for taking the time to stay close with me. Thank you for being my twin! (not that you had a choice) Another God thing.... ^.^

I have been blessed with blogger friends who continually pray for me. Just look at my friend list and you will see all of those wonderful friends.>>>>>> One in particular stands out for me because he not only prays for me but also puts out a prayer on his blog! Mike thank you for this. With out you in my blogging life it would truly be a loss. Your continual friendship means the world to me.

I would like to give this award to those of you who have not only prayed for me, but given me much needed support. If you are on my friend list, please know that I give you this award with much gratitude and love!

This award is also for those who are not on my friend list, because either you have asked to not be added for privacy reasons, or you do not have a blog. Your friendship and support mean the world to me. (you all know who you are) ^.^

Thank you all for blessing my life with not only your much appreciated comments, and support, but also for your friendship.


Mary said...

Hi Tracy: thank you so much for giving this award to your friends. You are a wonderful person, and someone who is so easy to like. You are so compassionate and show it in so many ways, I am so blessed to have you as a friend, thank you..Ive been home sick with a bad cold for the past 2 days, and I'm off to see the dr. its probably bronchitis, which I get often. My granddaughters and daughter are up visiting until after halloween. take care my friend..huggssss...Mary

Hopefulsl said...

I just love you so much sis! Thanks for being my friend too :) I think i will play around with the computer today to teach myself how to grab a award ((GIGGLES)).....Thanks you for doing all of the other ones for me. Of course if i cant figure it out you will be notified HEE,HEE. Hope you liked your new doctor, believe me i have been praying for you....I have been so worried to what could happen if you couldn't find one soon....And you do not want to know what i was thinking! stupid brain likes to over do it sometimes :) Anyway, this was a lovely post, and you touched my heart once again-CHEERS-sister of mind. Gotta go now, talked to you soon on the phone.......

Tamara said...


What a sweet, wonderful post. It is amazing how blogging brings people together and we all become friends and support each other so well. Being your blog buddy has added much to my life and I know when I am down or having a difficult time with something that you will offer the perfect words of encouragement and support. Thank you!

I hope that the doctor appointment went well and that you liked him/her. I have also been REALLY praying that you were able to get a refill on your fibro meds.

Take care and thank you for such a heartfelt post.


Jade said...

I've known you for several years now. I can remember a time when you did not feel like this and struggled to believe people cared. I am SOOO glad that you've gotten to a point in your healing and in life to see that you are worth caring about and loving and in fact embrace the efforts and love of others. (:-)

Mike Golch said...

Thank you for this award I will treasur it as well. I had a big smile whr I read what you said about me. I feel blessed that I have you as a blogging fried as well. Hugs and His blessings. That's my story and you can bet you bottom dollar that I'm sticking to it!

'Tart said...

Dear Tracy,
I am blessed because it is such a God thing that we found each other in blog land and to have you in my life. I feel so lucky, truly, to have gotten to meet and talk to one of the truly most compassionate people that I have ever known. You are an inspiration, a truly sweet person, so honest and open on your blog and the willingness to do that alone has helped you and many others enormously over time. Thank you for the award too, it is beautiful, I will proudly display it.:)
Your friend,

Denise said...

I was pretty lonley when I found the blog world.... We live in the country and I take care of Mom and Dad so I cannot work outside the home.. I am very very extroverted and miss the company of people.... My sweet DH helps me a lot but he cannot be all things to me........ I have so loved all the wonderful gals that I have met here and thank the Lord for each of you............

Thanks for the wonderful award......

Awake In Rochester said...

This is a very sweet award, and thoughts from you. Thank you!

Tracy, are you on twitter? It's a great way to stay in touch. Get to know someone better. Let people know about your latest post. And advertise your paintings. Please join me!