Saturday, April 19, 2008

I want to give my friend Tart from this special award.

This award really does say it all for me. I not only trust Tart, but she is a very kind, honest and caring woman. All the traits that I love and expect in a friend.

I have known Tart from almost the beginning of when i started blogging.

I met Tart and her husband one year. She was brave enough to come visit me and my family. :) This was a huge deal for the both of us. I think it helped us to know deep within our hearts that some on the internet are safe to meet.

We had such a wonderful time during that visit! Upon meeting her i instantly knew she was every bit the person she shows herself to be on her blog. She is a beautiful woman, inside and out.

It was a blessing for me. She had not only taken the time and energy to visit me real life, but has consistently been there for me through out the last few years. She has gone through all the ups and downs with me, and never once wavered in her belief in our friendship.

She is pure hearted, and about as lovely a lady you will ever meet. If any one deserves this award it certainly is her.

Thank you Tart for blessing my life not only in Internet land, but off!

I love you my friend.


'Tart said...

Thanks Mysti, you know I have tears in my eyes. The feelings are completely mutual. I am so blessed to have a friend like you! I have more I could say but I will save it for the times we get to communicate in person.

Your blog is wonderful and I know that it is a source of uplift for many. Thank you for using it today for me, to make me feel so special. Thank you so much my Friend.

david santos said...

Excellent award!
I love it!
Have a nice week.

Mike Golch said...

Mysti that is a nice award to give to give to your friend tart.I was honored when I recievd this same award.
Of course I feel honored that I have you as a blogging nieghbor.

MYSTI said...

Tart you truly deserve such an award, i am glad it made you happy. :) hugs

Thank you David. Welcome to my blog. I hope you to have a nice week. :)

Thank you Mike :) I to feel honored that we are blogging friends!


Mike Golch said...

Mysti,A personel note,You might think about haveing your music picks on the center as I have that way people can adjust the volume,instead of haveing to turn their volumn off. Just a thought.

S'onnie said...

a very much deserved award for you mysti. You are an amazing person and inspire a lot of people :)

'Tart said...

Hey Mysti,
I got tagged for a meme and I tagged you!!! Oh Goody, a meme! I hope you'll want to do it.

Happy Sunday, I hope you are having a beautiful day.