Tuesday, April 22, 2008

(This is the start of a new painting i am working on that i am going to call Spiritual warfare. I will continue to show the progress i make on it as i progress.)

My Retreat is coming up on Friday for Cleansing Streams. This class has been working toward this moment for over about a month now. I have mixed feelings regarding the retreat. I have had fears prior regarding going. I do not like large crowds of people, and i do not want to stay overnight in a hotel. I do not want to go into the reasons why i have these fears because it is living in the past. The past is no longer. I have been healing from my past. :) I have been working past the fears.

The reason i want to go is that I know it is going to be wonderfully moving for me. I know that God is going to touch me in a wonderful way, and I am looking forward to seeing what he has in store for me. I was warned that I would be under attack this week, because Satan will not want me to go. They warned us about this in the last class. I thought my faith is strong and no way would I allow for attacks. I felt nothing is going to keep me from going to that retreat and receiving the message meant for me!

Wow was I wrong.

In the last few days I do feel under attack. I have had a hard time focusing on my readings, and bible study. This is why.

My eldest sons high school has had three threats against his school since friday!

One was from a child who threatened to come to school and kill everyone in it with a gun. The police checked out his home, and came to the conclusion that he had no access to guns, and no ability to follow through with this threat. He was instantly expelled though because of these threats. On friday morning though the whole school was chaotic and kids and parents alike were in a panic. After coming to my own conclusion that my son was in no danger I came home. I then preceded to deal with phone calls from other moms that still were fearful. Just when i was feeling I could breath I received a phone call from the school stating that there had been a bomb threat called into the school and the school had to evacuate all of the kids to the Jr.High. I went and got my son.

On Monday morning my husband woke to the worst case of the flu ever. The poor man was so sick. Both my sons went to school. I talked with the administration at the school and felt that Fridays school scare regarding the bomb was just a prank from one of the kids in the school. I came home cleaned, and washed sheets in an attempt to ward off the flu for the rest of the family. By 9:30 am i received another phone call saying another bomb threat was called into the school. They had to evacuate all the kids again and cancel school for safety reasons. With my very sick hubby home and now my eldest son i preceded to deal with house hold things and was trying to ward off fear now to on top of the flu. My youngest son came home yesterday feeling very sick. He now has the flu also. So two at home with the flu, and my eldest was home because of a bomb threat! Later i found out that no bomb was found, and that the sheriffs department felt that the threat was from some child who did not want to go to school. It was another prank.

This morning I woke feeling not so great. I am dealing with a sick child, and hubby. My eldest son went off to school , and i am trying hard not to worry about what in the heck is going on in his school. I have found it hard to do my bible study, my mind keeps wandering. I also have an upset stomach. Is it because of the flu, or nerves???? I am unsure. I can not get sick! I am determined to go to this retreat.

I now fully believe i am under attack! I think someone wants me unable to go to this retreat, and it is not the Lord!

Thankfully I went to Denise's blog and she had the perfect post today for me to read. If you get a chance go over and read todays post, it is wonderful. It calmed me, and soothed me enough that I know that God is watching me and is with me even during this time of uneasiness.

For those who pray please pray for me and my family that we will stop being under attack. Pray that the rest of the week will be that of peace, good health, and safety for my children and all the other children at the high school. Pray that nothing will harm them, and that nothing will stop me from going to this retreat, where I know I am to be.

Blessings everyone


Jo said...

You just can't take it for granted any more that threats made by kids about shooting others or bomb threats are just kids talking. I am surpriesed they haven't tracked down the source of the bomb threat and placed that one in jail. With Homeland security what it is these days, they would consider that an act of terrorism the same for the gun threat.

You certainly have my prayers that you make it safely to your retreat.

MYSTI said...

It is a very scary situation Jo I agree. The police was able to trace down one phone. We haven't heard anything yet regarding that. The problem is that there are disposable cell phones now. Ones that can not be traced to the person who bought it. If they bought the phone with cash, and then threw the phone away after making the call, then there is no way to find out who did it. The school did search the school grounds and found no bombs, so the call was just a scare.

Thank you for your prayers, I appreciate it.

'Tart said...

Dear Mysti,
You are to be commended for your strong heart through all of these 'disruptions.'

I hope you don't get the flu, too. And I said a prayer too, verbatim of your last paragraph. I think you'll make it through all these trials and I hope you have a greaaat time at the retreat!:)

'Tart said...

Oh! And the painting looks fabulous! Just so you know.

Raine said...

Wow that would be a pretty terrifying week to go thru. ((((((((Mysti)))))

MYSTI said...

Thank you Tart. I appreciate your prayers, and thoughts. Hugs ya

Ty Raine. :)

J.D. Scorpio said...

Hey Mysti:
Forgive me for taking so long to get back to you about the ‘Mimi. I have been so busy trying to get the upper hand on the yard work among other things, that I’ve been meeting myself coming back! So if you don’t mind, I will pass on this one but don’t forget about me in the future, ok? Today was the first day that I’ve been able to work on my blog, with Jo’s help of course, she’s a great teacher….
I hope you’re not coming down with that stomach virus. And thanks for stopping by….
Take care and don’t be a stranger…. Have a great day……. JD